The Combat

The sequence of actions, order of activation

Order of activation

Which cards and special powers come first?

Realms, champions, and allies often possess special combat powers. Unless the card specifies otherwise, these take effect only when the card is involved in a round of battle. In the case of an attack on a realm, the realm and holding powers are activated.

There are times when there is a direct conflict of powers. It happens when one ability completely contradicts another. Usually, the game results can be figured out by careful consideration. As a champion in combat, the attacker is given first use since he is pushed forward first. Additionally, magic items and artifacts the player brings into combat from his pool of items are subject to the same rules.

Occasionally, however, the exact order in which cards activate can be crucial. The following list indicates what order each card activates.

Order of activation
1. Rule card
2. Dungeon card
3. Realm Power
4. Holding Power
5. Support cards
6. Powers before combat
7. Attacking champion's special power
+ a -> Artifacts
+ b -> Allies
+ c -> Magical items
+ d -> Blood abilities
+ e -> Thief skills
+ f -> Combat cards
+ g -> Psionic powers
+ h -> Spells
8. Defending champion's special power
+ Support cards
Any "in play" if available
note 1
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note 2
note 3
note 4
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same as attackers

Note 1. Attacker's card powers go first.

Note 2. Attacker's support card powers, which have an effect before the battle goes first.

Note 3. When moved into combat, champion powers and their attached cards are fully activated. This includes all cards that adjust the level of the attacking. It also includes defending champions. Cards whose special powers bring another card to the battle can only activate those powers when it is legal for the player to play a card into the battle.

Note 4. Multiple same-type cards activate first by highest bonus modifier and then alphabetically (starting with the first letter of the card name). When determining bonus, use only the number in the card’s icon. In the case of same-name cards with no bonuses, lowest card number goes first.

There are cards that allow other cards to be played immediately outside of the realm of the Order of Activation. These cards supersede this rule.