The are many new phrases and words here, in the Spellfire game. Trying to determine what a particular thing means could be confusing and challenging. To help eliminate the confusion, we have compiled a glossary of terms below. There are entries that indicate the term used is defined elsewhere on the website or App.

AR arrow

Augmented reality experience. It is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the champions from the Spellfire world are brought into the real world.

Abyss arrow

This is a place where cards are sent when they are struck by spells such as Estate Transference (437/3rd), Takhisis’ Abyssal Gateway (13/DL Chase), or Mindkiller (56/UD). Events that were discarded but never used are sent to the Abyss as well. Cards can be recovered from the Abyss through cards like the Gatekeeper (422/3rd) or Karlott the Shaman (63/3rd). A champion with a once-per-turn power recovered from the Abyss still must wait for a full turn before using his power (unless he's already been out of play for more than a full turn since he was sent to the Abyss).

Adjusted Level arrow

This is the current level of a champion (his or her base (printed) level plus bonuses for attached cards). If a card does not specify a card's base or adjusted level, it is considered to be referring to the adjusted level.

Adventurers arrow

This is a card type that gains powers based on other adventurers being in the pool. An adventurer who enters combat retains powers as if he was in the pool.

Alchemists arrow

Champions and allies who use alchemy blueprints.

Alchemy blueprints arrow

Knowledge carried by Alchemists. Unique magical items can be created using Alchemy blueprints. You will need to fuze (burn) various cards for making these items.

Allies arrow

These cards are added to a champion (normally during phase 4; combat) to increase its adjusted level. They are not considered to be a specific type of champion (hero, wizard, monster, etc.) even if the picture looks like it should be. Some allies are considered to be undead, dragons, flyers, Earthwalkers, or to possess some other classification related to movement or race.

Amazons arrow

The Clan of the Female species lives in harmony with nature. Many Creatures do not fight Amazons. For that, the art of the amazon and creature must match.

Artifacts arrow

These powerful items can be attached only to a champion from the same world as the artifact. Each champion can have only one artifact attached to him at a time, though the Ego Coin (419/2nd) can allow a single champion to own artifacts from any world. A few artifacts can also be attached to realms of the same world (during phase 3; or during phase 4 if the realm is defending itself). Artifacts are not considered to be magical items.

Attached Cards arrow

Magical items and artifacts are typically attached to champions (and rarely realms) during phase 3 or 4 of a player's turn. Other cards (such as spells, blood abilities, thief abilities, unarmed combat cards, and others) can also be attached to a champion (normally during phase 4; combat). Magical items and artifacts normally return from battle with the victorious champion; other attached cards are normally discarded at the end of a round of battle. During combat, an attached card is one that normally stays in the combat until the end. It does not include cards that just “happen” and go away.

Attachments arrow

Sometimes, a card's power will refer to an opposing card's "attachments." Most of the time, this means all of the cards are currently attached to the opposing champion. It can sometimes mean only magical items and artifacts.

Avatars arrow

These cards represent the gods of the Spellfire card game. Each normally requires other cards to be sacrificed (discarded) in order to bring them into play. Only one Avatar per pool is allowed.