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Elements in Spellfire revealed

The balanced fight between Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether

All cards in Spellfire World have an assigned element, which you can see in the bottom right corner of the card. If you see "?" question mark instead of an element, any element of your choice may be assigned to the card. If you see N/A markings, the element is not assigned. If you see a rainbow instead of an element, cards consist of all elements combined.

Element of Air

Some consider Air as the most powerful element in the World. It can turn water into tornadoes, explode solid earth substances, the fire goes out, and most living creatures can not live without the Air. However, Air can not harm Ether in any way. The Air itself evolves from Ether. When the potential within an empty space becomes active, the result is Air. It represents the capacity for motion and all forces and movements which all occur as a result. It is not definite, but the Air cards are usually offensive in nature, and the power of the Air is used to attack.

Element of Fire

Others disagree with the opinion that Air is the strongest element. Yes, the fire goes out without oxygen, but only a few can remove the Air from the limited space. Usually, the Air is used as kinetic power and, if the Air is used like that, it makes fire even more hot and powerful. But fire itself evolves from ether and Air. Fire represents light, heat, energy, and the power of transformation in the game. As with air cards, fire cards are usually offensive, and the power of fire is also used to attack.

Element of Water

The third ones have their way of thinking. Yes, the strong kinetic power of the wind can make the water move, and scorching flames can evaporate water. However, it's a matter of which element is greater in size in limited space. More water will cease the fire from existence, and you need extraordinary powers to move the massive amount of water with the power of the air. Water is the element of life; it protects against the dissolution of ether, the roughness of air, and the heat of the fire. Water cards are usually defensive in nature.

Element of Earth

The earth element represents the matter of the universe and Spellfire. It gives form to all living creatures. This structure provided by the earth is the conduit through which all other elements flow. Earth can destroy Fire; the stronger structure of earth can imprison the air and water. As with the water cards, earth cards are usually defensive in nature and used to defend the matter from other elements.

Element of Ether

Ether is the subtlest element of all five. All other elements are derived from the ether. Some think of ether as energy, some - as an empty space between everything; some say that sound and ether are inseparable. This is the hardest element to understand for limited minds. Ether is neither offensive nor defensive in nature. It is magical. Ether cards hold the secrets of the universe and Spellfire, which you will need to find out.

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