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110-Card Deck (Extraordinary)

Rules for 110 card deck building

110-card SPELLFIRE decks are entirely different. There are way more cards, so different rules must be followed. Remember that these rules only apply to a deck of 110 cards. Other decks follow different sets of rules.

The 110-card deck is the largest one. If you are playing this deck, there are only a few chances that you will draw the card you wanted. The main goal here is to play a strategic game. True SPELLFIRE fans love this deck

* The champions in a deck cannot total more than 180 levels. Look at the number on the card: it will indicate a champion's level. If there is more than one, use the first number for indication. Players can include two avatars in the deck "for free." Avatar's levels won't count toward the 180-level limit. Yet, both avatars are still considered two champions, and they won't both be in play at once.

** Dungeon cards do not count towards the 110 cards total. Upon a wish, it can be the 111th card in your deck.

110-card size decks have some additional rules changes:
• Cards Drawn: Draw more than three cards at the start of your turn. A 110-card deck draws 5 cards per turn.
• Hand Size: Players can hold up to 12 cards while playing this deck.
• Realms: With 110-card decks, ten realms would be enough for victory. Remember that the optional Barbarian's Game rule shouldn't be used with the ten-realm formation.

110-Card deck
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