The Strategy

Secrets, tips, and tricks to win the game

Basic tactics, tips and tricks

Smart gameplay explained

Placing the correct type of cards in a deck is essential. Yet, the most crucial thing is to play it correctly. The Spellfire cards can be used in various ways, and that means that novice players need to pay attention to a few basics regarding the playing of particular cards and card types.

Basic Tactics

• Follow your strategy as closely as possible. If you plan an aggressive approach, be aggressive as much as possible. If you're playing defensively, attacking every turn only hurts your chances of winning the game. Don't ignore the time and effort spent putting together a specific strategy, and don't waste your chances to win. Not every game follows a preordained path, but sticking to one particular plan of attack is the best way to win.

• Before you play a card, examine all you have in your hand. If you play a specific card, what will happen? Should you play another card instead? Is the opponent likely to counter this card? Before playing any cards, ask yourself these questions and consider the consequences.

• Know your opponent's strategy early on. You may be able to set yourself up for victory sooner if you know the weaknesses of the opponent's deck. Spot his actions and prepare your moves.

• You don't have to wait for killer card combinations to appear. Although it can happen occasionally, you shouldn't wait for two or three specific cards to emerge during a game. You are wasting your chances, and focusing on how you can get the best use of the cards would be a more intelligent choice.

• Playing a card should be done after reading each card thoroughly before and during the game. There may be times when you think you know the card's meaning when actually you don't. Misplayed cards may be taken back in a gentleman's game, but it is never a guaranteed move, so be wise.

• During each phase of your turn, keep track of which cards are played. It is easy to forget to play a realm or hold during a turn. Rule cards are probably forgotten the most of all the Spellfire card types because they must be played at the start of your turn before any cards are drawn.

• Put as many cards into your formation and pool as possible. This prevents you from discarding cards at the end of your turn. Also, keep in mind that these cards can't be subject to special powers that discard cards out of a player's hand. These cards may also have special powers that aid in defense of your realms and may prevent the opponent's from playing like cards due to the Rule of the Cosmos.

• Keep your opponent on the defensive by bluffing whenever possible. No matter how few champions you have in your pool, you are not defenseless and have a chance to win. Show your confidence.

• While playing a multiplayer game, don't draw too much attention to yourself. Opponents will usually gang up on someone who leaps ahead early. This is fine if the player has the muscle to defend himself. However, it often leads to a player having many razed realms by the start of the next turn. It is an excellent tactic to stay in the shadows for most of the game and suddenly emerge.

• Do not show mercy to anyone, do not trust anyone, and do not be afraid of winning. In the heat of battle, not all deals are honored. The game rarely ends in ties, so everyone is playing to win.