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Cults in Spellfire world

A guide to active known, unknown and hidden cults

Spellfire prime edition introduces cults. It is another layer of strategy, gives more immersive gameplay, and presents an exciting set of abilities. 11 cults in the world offer some exclusive bonuses. Many cults are driven by extreme fanaticism, but others use skill to help each other.

Cult of the champions is printed directly on the card. But there may be hidden cults. If it's not printed, you should check the Spellfire app or website to see if the champion or ally belongs to a cult. Detailed information about cults can be found in the Glossary section.

Active Cults are:

Brotherhood of the Light - Brotherhood powers are activated only if the Brotherhood of the Light (37/Prime) realm is in formation.

The Dark Brotherhood - Brotherhood powers are activated only if The Dark Brotherhood (44/Prime) realm is in formation.

Truthseekers - On phase 0, the player with Truthseeker in a pool can see the top cards in a selected opponent's draw pile. The amount of cards to see is equal to the truthseekers in a pool. Truthseekers and Liespreaders cannot use their powers in the same turn.

Liespreaders - On phase 0, the player with Liespreader in a pool can draw cards from a selected opponent's hand and place them in limbo without looking into them. The amount of cards to draw is equal to the liespreaders in a pool. Cards return from limbo to hand at the start of an opponent's turn. Truthseekers and Liespreaders cannot use their powers in the same turn.

Shapeshifters - During phase 3, Shapeshifters can fully transform into a different form. The new form is psionic, can not cast spells, and use unarmed combat cards. Magical items and artifacts melt into a new form. They are sent to limbo until the shapeshifter transforms to its original form.

Exiles - Exiles do not participate in the normal world order. Rules and Dungeons that affect everyone or this player's whole pool do not apply to exiled characters.

Worshippers - If a worshipper is in a player's pool, an Avatar can be brought into play by discarding allies instead of champions. If 4+ worshippers are in the same pool, an Avatar can be brought into play without discarding any card.

Samurais - Loyal to the death. When defending, samurai must be defeated twice before being discarded. Magical items and artifacts are not discarded after the first defeat.

Ninjas - Sneaky and always one step ahead of the opponent. The ninja can attack twice in a battle. The opponent's first defender cannot be used again as a defender.

Druids - Druids can summon various Creatures for help in Combat. For that, the druid and creature art of the cards must match. Only one Creature can be summoned during the battle.

Amazons - The Clan of the Female species lives in harmony with nature. Many Creatures do not fight Amazons. For that, the art of the amazon and creature must match.