Spellfire game has some interesting cards that defeat cards of a specific type in an instant. This includes the Lovely Colleen's ability to kill monsters, the Living Scroll's ability to defeat heroes and clerics automatically, and others. 

A player about to lose the game receives the last chance to play a single card in an attempt to avoid defeat whenever an instant win due to champion powers is indicated during combat phase 4. This applies regardless of who is winning or losing. Players can turn the game around with cards like the Chest of Many Things (420/CL) which allows them to change their champion into a different type of champion).

When a card is played, it must change the condition of defeat. So the monster is transformed into a hero. It is not possible to play cards in order to get at the cause of the defeat.

Artifacts, magical items, and allies' special powers are not counted towards instant defeat. Consequently, a level 8 champion who is facing an attacker with the Wand of Orcus is defeated, a champion of base level 5 or less is always discarded by an Intellect Devourer, and the Loup-Garou always defeats a champion who can't play a magical item. In situations like these, only events that remove the source of an instant defeat are helpful.


The special ability of a champion that grants immunity to a specific card will only make him immune to its offensive powers unless that card additionally grants him defensive immunity. Usually, this is as simple as looking at the card's notation (Off/Def) and making the necessary adjustments to the battle.

In addition to the card's other special powers, some artifacts and magical items grant immunity or special movement powers to their attached champion. When this happens, the item loses its level bonus but keeps its immunity. Similarly, the special movement power is kept. The immunity of an opposing champion does not negate the effects of a power or ability that only affects the attached champion.

No matter how the cards activate (detailed above), the champion's immunity is always active. A card in play is included in this rule. However, a card in Limbo, the Abyss, or a player's hand is not. Whether defending, attacking, or sitting in his pool, an immune champion remains immune to offensive magical items regardless.