Certain cards in Spellfire instantly defeat other cards of a specific type. Examples include the Lovely Colleen’s ability to kill monsters, the Living Scroll’s ability to defeat heroes and clerics automatically, and others.

Any time an instant-win due to champion powers is indicated during combat (phase 4), the player about to suffer the defeat gains the opportunity to play a single card in an effort to avoid defeat. It makes no difference who is winning or losing. Cards like the Chest of Many Things (420/CL) (which allows the player to change his champion into a different champion type) can thus turn the tide of battle.

The card played must change the ​condition of defeat​ (such as changing a champion from a monster to a hero). Cards can’t be played to go after the cause of the defeat (like playing the Heartwood Spear to destroy the Living Scroll).

The special powers of allies, artifacts and magical items don’t count for the instant-defeat rule. Thus, a level 8 champion who is facing an attacker with the Wand of Orcus is defeated, a champion of base level 5 or less is always discarded by an Intellect Devourer, and the Loup-Garou always defeats a champion who can’t play a magical item. Only events that remove the source of the instant defeat can help in situations like these (such as Airship for ally-related powers, Fast Talking to remove magical items and artifacts).


A champion whose special ability grants him immunity to any card is immune only to the offensive powers of that particular card unless a defensive immunity is noted. For most cards, this is a simple matter of glancing at the card’s notation (Off/Def) and making the necessary adjustment to the battle.

Artifacts (and some magical items and other cards) complicate matters by granting their attached champion an immunity or special movement power in addition to the card’s other special powers. In these instances, any level bonus gained from the item is lost, but the special movement power and immunity remain. In short, ​if the power or ability only affects the attached champion, it is not negated by an opposing champion’s immunity​.

A champion’s immunities are always active, regardless of the order in which cards activate (detailed above). This applies to all cards that are in play, but not to cards that are in Limbo, the Abyss, or in a player’s hand. A champion immune to offensive magical items is always immune to such items, regardless of whether attacking, defending, or sitting in his pool.