The Rules

How to play Spellfire and use the app

What is the Game All about?

Short explanation of Spellfire Card Game

Spellfire ® is collectible cards game. It is designed to be played by two or more players. The idea is simple. Players build individual and unique decks of cards. The cards usually possess unusual powers, breaking or altering the rules. In all cases, the special power on the card override the rules presented here.

A player's goal is to build an empire. The players draw cards individually from their decks and lay them down. Each player has his own deck. Usually, cards never mix from one player's deck with cards from another player's deck, but there can be exceptions.

Players are building their realms while others are trying to destroy them. A player's realm can be attacked and defended using champions (clerics, heroes, monsters, wizards, psionicists, thieves, and regents). Allies, events, spells, psionic powers, thief skills, blood abilities, magical items, artifacts, and other special cards strengthen these champions. In a successful attack, a realm is razed, and a defending champion is defeated. There is a constant mention of the term "Razed realm" throughout these rules. All the terms are explained in a separate article.

Fun is the goal of any game. It would be best if you did not get caught up in rules technicalities. Nobody enjoys a game if more time is spent discussing some rules. If a player does not understand what is going on, replay a few cards. After all, this is just a game.