The Rebirth of Spellfire

What happened to the Spellfire world and the game

The Blood line beauty in Bloodbirth

The horrific beauty of creations from Blood

As History Keeper says, the story of the Bloodbirth lands started with an enormous meteorite strike, which happened during the 2nd age of the Moon. It uncovered an ancient tomb that had the remains of an unknown king with a small necklace filled with his blood in his hand. The official story does not reveal all the details. Some parts were missed intentionally. However, it is known that the blood was different.

The corpse was buried very carefully. Surrounded by 5 stonewalls and a mithril cage, it was buried 100 meters deep in the sand. It seems that someone tried very hard for this tomb to never be found.

Curiosity was way stronger than fear of the unknown. The Mad Scientist did what was never meant to be done - he used the blood found with the corpse to recreate the King. He did not know that the blood had divine ties to the ancient gods and that he would resurrect a very powerful creature. That's why the lands are called Bloodbirth. It means - born from blood.

It took only a few decades for the King to change the order in the lands. Peaceful citizens were conquered without war and the Bloodlord started a new era of monarchy in these lands. Everything touched by the Bloodlord started to change. Some say it was a curse, some say it was a gift. Strange creatures emerged. They had appealing looks during the days and monstrous shapes during nights. Some of these creatures grew in power and monstrosity by killing others. The more they killed, the stronger they became. But all and every creature, no matter how strong it became, still bent to the Bloodlord.

Rumors spread very fast within Spellfire World. Many creatures, champions from different realms and races desired to gain such divine powers. They were flooding to the Bloodbirth lands to ask for these powers in exchange for serving the Bloodlord.

In one of the islands, a huge refugee camp was established. Not everyone got the chance to meet the Bloodlord and get the powers. Some waited years for this gift.

The Bloodline Keeper controlled the Camp. During every full moon and every full sun, he chose twelve adepts. According to the History Keeper, these adepts were taken to the secret trials to see if they were worth getting the divine powers. Only two of twelve were lucky to pass the trials and meet the Bloodlord. These two, the chosen ones, got the permission to live near the Bloodlord castle in the City of the Damned and only one of them was allowed to serve in the Divine Blood Church. The fate of the remaining ten ones is unknown.

There are many interesting places in the Bloodbirh lands. Here, adventurers can find schools of Earth and Water magic, the secret Psi Lab, a mysterious Pyramid, a bloody training camp for blood abilities, a Black Temple of Initiation, and the Temple of the White Hand.

Many great teachers live here. You can meet Master Chi, the Teacher of Silence. You can learn about the future and the past by visiting The Oracle.

There are huge Ninja and Samurai cities located in the East. Some say that there is a Mirage city somewhere in the deserts and Underwater town somewhere in the Psionic sea. The lucky ones can find strange magical items and artifacts there.

One of the most populated cities in the Bloodbirth is called Oriental Metropolis. All cities in these lands are interconnected and have busy trade routes between them.

Bloodbirth is known for the ancient statue which is called Altar of ancient Gods. The statue is enormous in size, some even say it can reach the skies. The purpose of the statue is unknown, but religious worshippers set up a town around it.

Honorable Wanderer, you are welcome to learn more about the cities, monuments, temples and mysterious locations by applying for citizenship in the Bloodbirth lands. A mysterious journey is waiting for you.

Secret phrase: Sangi