Support cards come in 800x120 (originally 800x120) format and are in pale yellow color (aside from allies). Most often, they are utilized once or have their amount of working time. They are then discarded.


During a round of battle, allies add their level bonuses and special powers (if any) to the attached champion. Allies increase the level of champions in combat, adding their level bonus to that of the champion and any other attached cards. Generally, allies use their special powers only during a round of combat, as outlined in the Order of Activation. As soon as an ally's special power is played, it takes effect. A few, like a Brine Dragon (45/DL), can keep their special power in reserve until they are needed.

Allies, too, may have a special classification like flyer, swimmer, or earthwalker. TIn attacking realms, while not in the front of an opponent's formation, they are able to follow champions with similar powers. This also makes them vulnerable to instant defeat cards that affect those designations, like the Noble Djinni (84/3rd) that defeats flyers.

In addition to the fact that champions are immune to attacking spells, magical items, or some other SPELLFIRE cards, so are their allies as well, unless otherwise noted. For the rest of the cards attached to a champion, the same applies.

Upon the end of a round of combat, all allies played during the battle are discarded. Keoland, 127/3rd, is one card that makes an exception to this rule due to its special powers. Depending on the SPELLFIRE card, some allies can be retrieved from the discard pile or placed back into the draw deck so they may be drawn again. The Abyss is also a potential destination for allies.


Clerics and wizards tend to be the primary users of spells. Wizards or clerics can automatically use corresponding spells if they have a wizard icon. The text box of a wizard or cleric does not have to indicate the champion is able to cast spells. Wizards and clerics with negated special powers are still able to cast spells of their icon type. In contrast, a champion who is not a wizard may be able to cast wizard spells if his special power indicates so, such as the Ghostly Piper (10/AR Chase).

Each spell indicates whether it is offensive or defensive, as well as the phase it can be cast in. Some can only be played during combat (phase 4). However, others can be played before or after combat (phases 3 and 5). Other spells, such as Wish (46/FR), can be cast at any time.

Chain Lightning (390/3rd), for example, shows "(Off/4)" after its description. Therefore, this is an offensive spell that is available only during phase 4. Preservation (53/UD) shows "(Def/3/5)", indicating that it is a defensive spell and cannot be cast during combat (phase 4). Phase 3 spells can only be cast by champions who can cast those spell types. Casting a spell during phase 3 or 5 is only allowed when it is the would-be caster's turn - not when it is another player's. A defender can only cast spells in phase 4, as it is not their turn earlier.

No matter whether a spell is offensive or defensive, it can be cast at any time. Offensive spells can be cast while attacking and defending alike, as can defensive spells. As with magical items, offensive spells affect only an opponent; defensive spells affect the player's champion or an ally. In general, champions who are immune to spells are immune to offensive spells, though there are a few exceptions. Champions who are immune to defensive spells are only immune to the spell's level bonus. Any other special power would be of no effect to him, so it does not get added to the battle total.

Psionic power cards

A psionic power card is like a spell but is usually used by champions who are psionicists. If a champion has the psionicist icon, he or she is automatically able to use power cards. The champion's text box does not need to indicate that he or she can use power cards. It is still possible for a psionicist to use psionic power cards even if his other powers are negated. If a nonpsionicist champion has their psionic power negated, they lose their ability to use it. Kirre (56/PO) is an example of a power card that can be used by nonpsionicists.

As with spells, psionic power cards can be offensive or defensive and are played in phases (e.g., Off/3, Def/4, etc.). Since psionic power cards are not considered spells, a card such as Dispel Magic (346/358/3rd) cannot negate them. Dispel Psionics (17/RR Chase), or Psychic Storm (29/PO) can, however, counter psionic power cards.

There is a difference between psionic power cards and psionic powers used by psionicists during combat, which are psionic in nature. More information is available under each psionicist's entry.

Blood Abilities

Nonspellcasters can use these cards to counter spells. Only hero champions can use the unarmed combat cards from Runes & Ruins. Some boosters feature unarmed combat cards that can be used by other types of champions (such as dragons in DRACONOMICON and undead in Night Stalkers). In the way they are played, unarmed combat cards are similar to spells. Cards can either be offensive or defensive, but unlike spells, they can only be used during a battle in which the champion playing the card is involved; in other words, they are all (Off/4) or (Def/4). Spellfire 5 changed this by allowing some Unarmed Combat cards to be played on phase 3.

Unarmed combat cards are not considered spells or psionic power cards, so they cannot be negated by cards such as Dispel Magic (346/358/3rd). Cards such as Block (99/RR) and Dodge (12/RR Chase) are designed specifically to negate unarmed combat cards.

Unarmed Combat Cards

During the BIRTHRIGHT booster pack, blood abilities were introduced to regent champions. A regent has the ability to use blood ability cards, much like a wizard can cast spells. Each of the blood ability cards is offensive or defensive in nature. They can be used in phase 3, phase 5, or during a round of combat (phase 4) during which the champion using the card is involved. Blood abilities are categorized as spells when they can be used. For instance, (Off/4 or (Def/3). Some blood ability cards can be dispelled by cards that would typically cancel wizard or cleric spells, such as Dispel Magic (346/358 /3rd). The card will specify whether a blood ability can be negated in this way, such as Death Touch (43/BR) or Battlewise (37/BR). Other blood abilities can be negated by using cards designed specifically to negate blood abilities like Invulnerability (45/BR).

Thief Skills

In the booster pack Night Stalkers, you will find cards called thief skills that can be used by thief champions. All thief champions can use thief skill cards, similar to a cleric's innate ability to cast spells. Each of the thief skill cards is either offensive or defensive, just like spells, and can be used in and out of combat. In a similar fashion to how spell cards are labeled, thief skills are categorized according to their abilities. For example, it might say (Off/4) or (Def/3). Unlike spells, blood abilities, unarmed combat, or psionic power cards, thief skill cards cannot be negated by cards such as Dispel Magic (346/358/3rd). There are specific cards designed to negate thief skills, such as Alarm (85/NS) and Busted! (2/NS Chase).