What's New in Spellfire

New mechanics, interactivity, ideas and fun

Five Elements attributed to new Cards

Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ether

One of the new mechanics added in the new Spellfire is the Five New Elements. They are attributed to all-new cards and all new states of the cards. The element of the card is visible in the bottom right corner. The balanced fight between Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether will make you think very hard when you start building your ultimate deck. No element is more potent or more important than another, and each has its own defined strengths and weaknesses.

The Elements

All cards in Spellfire world have an assigned element, which you can see in the bottom right corner of the card. If you see "?" question mark instead of an element, any element of your choice may be assigned to the card. If you see N/A markings, the element is not assigned. If you see a rainbow instead of an element, cards consist of all elements combined.

For more information about the balance and meanings of the elements, read the school section: The importance of elements in Spellfire