Terms and Conditions

Spellfire is a gaming application that runs on the Ethereum network. Using blockchain technology, users are able to earn cards and trade them within Spellfire or outside of it using cryptocurrencies such as Ether. With this system in place, players can visualize their card collections while interacting with other gamers online and offline. The service is running on the network supported by Reality Games Art ltd.

You are able to earn, purchase, upgrade and trade unique digital and physical game (nft) cards.

By clicking I agree or installing the App, you are agreeing to a legally binding contract with Spellfire Game / Reality Games Art ltd. You should read these Terms of Use carefully and make sure there's nothing here that will cause any problems for your business before accepting this agreement. Additionally, by signing up for a user account with our website or App, users must be at least 18 years old or have their parent's permission if under that age limit in order to enter into this agreement legally binding both parties involved.

You cannot create an account and/or place an order for products through the website unless you are at least 13 years old. If you are a parent or legal guardian permitting a person who is at least 13 years old but under 18 years of age to use the site, then you agree to supervise their usage; assume all risks associated with using it including liabilities resulting from such as well as ensure that content on our website suits them best.

THE APP runs on the Ethereum network using smart contracts. It enables users to own, transfer, create and upgrade digital and physical cards (realms, champions, items, artifacts, spells, etc). The site can be interacted with by the user through their computer's browser while they have an internet connection or the app.

The most important aspect of this Terms of Use is how it describes what the Spellfire game and the app does: enable its users to purchase nft cards from one another in exchange for ether  which are then owned by them within blockchain records instead of any centralized authority controlling ownership rights/managing transactions between buyers & sellers since there would never need to be intermediaries involved who could potentially extract additional fees along those lines.


You need to have the Account created to use the service on our site. While doing so, any personal information provided needs to be up-to-date. Purchasing nft within the the account/user requires to have the blockchain address and provide that on your account. Your username and password should be kept confidential and is not something obscene or inappropriate. When choosing your username, think about the community guidelines so we don't remove it for being indecent.

Using the App

The APP and website allow access to their services. Your blockchain address is made publicly visible when you use the platform, so we recommend using this in extreme privacy cases only. We give you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable (except with our written permission), and revocable license to use the services available on the app and website.

Prohibited behavior

You agree not to use third-party software or something we determine since it may negatively impact the enjoyment of others in connection with the app. This includes using an unfair advantage, farming, or acting so that players' experiences are impacted for example by automating aspects and generating advantages.

You are not allowed to use the website and App for any reason other than looking at it. You also cannot collect usernames and email addresses of users by electronic means even if you plan on sending them unsolicited emails, nor can you make user accounts through automated methods such as robots.

It is not allowed to interfere with any security features that the website, App and smart contracts have. Including restricting features and copying content. Tricking, deceiving, fraudulent campaigns used to obtain sensitive user information like passwords are prohibited.

You shouldn't provide any false reports, impersonate users, make improper support service requests. Abuse and misconduct are not allowed as well as any automated use of the system. Sending comments, messages, using data mining or different tools for tracking and extracting data.

You are not allowed to sell or transfer the profile otherwise, use the information obtained from the App or website. Any disassembling, deciphering or reverse engineering of the software is considered a compromise that is banned activity. As well as any tries to evade the prevention measures for restricted access to the service or app.

Any harassment, intimidation, threatening behavior towards agents, employees who provide services on the site is not allowed. Users, in any cases, cannot delete, copy, or otherwise adapt the information from the App or website. It includes but is not limited to Flash, PHP, JavaScript, HTML code, copyrighted content, pictures. 

It is prohibited to download, install, transmit or attempt to upload viruses, malware, trojans, different material. Excessive use of capital letters or repetitive text is considered spamming that is prohibited since such behavior is interfering with the use of services and operations, maintenance of the App.

You are not allowed and can get banned from the site for the use of this page, app, or any service that is considered inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.


You may purchase Items including Cards, Card Packs, and other products from us through the website or App. Each item is an offer with their price at the time of purchase which includes any charges/taxes. Every pack will contain a set number of cards that are chosen based on Probability featured in each card's guide. Cards rarely have identical packs so there isn't much risk involved when purchasing.

The process of buying a card pack and the smart contracts involved in it are transparent. The contract guarantees that we won't be able to manipulate or influence what you're getting, meaning every purchase results in an individual agreement between us and you for the supply of cards according to our Terms & Conditions.

It is your responsibility to check the purchase details before you place a transaction through the site. When you complete an order, we will provide information including an item number and ID, contract address for transactions, or game name if using fiat currency. You may not receive cards printed with different rarity and artwork in future releases of cards.

Payments and price

When completing a purchase on the Spellfire website or App, you must pay us using one of our accepted payment methods. These include Crypto and credit cards. Each transaction will be processed through the Blockchain network alone; no other transactions are permitted or recognized by this service.

You have to pay the purchase price of each item you select, listed on the app or site. The total must be paid using one of several payment methods outlined on either platform. You are not allowed to use fraudulent means for financial transactions that take place through these platforms.

When making a transaction on the app or site, you must pay any relevant Transaction Fees. We have no insight into or ability to control these transactions. When transacting using different payment methods like crypto and credit cards, some of which come with Transaction Fees attached, you'll need to determine what applies as TAX is up-to-you depending upon where exactly the money came from/went.

Submissions and communication

The App may use Telegram or Discord app to communicate with other users, in-game chat, and game forums. We ask that you limit your discussions to topics that are relevant to the app itself. Please keep all posts appropriate, as we reserve the right of any abuse or offensive content found within our community. We can and will remove communications that contain abusive comments such as insults and personal attacks.

You agree that any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas you have about the site and app should be sent our way. We would love for them to become ours exclusively without acknowledgment or compensation due in return. You are waiving any moral rights to the submissions which you make, and warrant that all of your submissions are made with appropriate permissions. Users agree there should be no recourse against us for copyright infringement if such a thing occurs in regards to anything submitted by yourself.


People can buy and sell items through the App or website, including third-party Items. If you want to create a listing for an item that includes its price, then it is important to provide as many details about your product when creating the Listing. You must pay what was listed in order to purchase something from someone else's listings on the app or website too!

When using the App, you are not part of any agreement between a seller and buyer. We have no control over how they behave or what happens during their interaction on our platform. This includes both descriptions for items being sold as well as delivery of said items including third-party ones. There is also an array of payment methods available to use when completing transactions with other users. We take a cut from each transaction's price in fees according to which one was used by the users involved.

A limited payment collection agent is someone who you appoint to accept a price from the credit card on your behalf. You assign us as your agent for collecting payments whenever a buyer uses their credit card to purchase something. We will receive the full amount from them and then deposit it into your account. It's like we're acting on behalf of you so that if anything goes wrong with any order placed via our payment system, they'll still send money indirectly towards what was purchased by the customer instead of through us first.


If you feel the need to terminate these Terms, we will provide ways for this. We may suspend your account if you do not follow any of our rules or policies but can be appealed with a message sent within 3 business days after receiving notice from us.

We have the right to deny access and use of our site, app, or smart contract without notice or liability. We will do so for any reason at our discretion including if you break a term in these terms of service such as breaching the representation warranty included within them. We may terminate the access to use and participate on the platform or delete the account altogether without any warning, in our sole discretion.

Once the Terms are terminated, you will no longer have access to anything that was posted on our app. You cannot hold us responsible for any losses or damages since we aren't affected by it either way and nothing is negotiable if this happens. You are prohibited from registering and creating a new account under your name when the account is suspended. We also reserve the right to take legal action against offenders.


By using the Site, App, and Smart Contracts you agree to be bound by all applicable laws of Lithuania.

Promotional and discount codes

You will be able to claim a promotional discount for items if you enter the promo code at checkout on our website/app. We might offer particular discounts or have promo codes during a specific time of the year. The conditions of use are stated on our app and site before they're given out to users so please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Third parties

While using the App, you acknowledge and agree that your ability to use blockchain platform for transactions is contingent upon their functionality. Moreover, crypto network uptime plays a role in how much time it takes our services to respond. Finally, third parties like Google may impact an individual's experience as well. We cannot be held liable if something goes wrong due to external factors beyond our control such as downtime on any of these platforms when trying to access us via this platform.

We will continue to own all the intellectual property developed, adapted, modified, or created by us throughout our relationship. Intellectual Property Rights Our Intellectual Property All Intellectual Property in the App and that included within it is owned exclusively by either ourselves or third-party service providers with whom we have contracted.

Please do not copy or use any of our Intellectual Property, reproduce it to us in writing and obtain permission from us before distributing. Similarly, please don't reverse engineer the app like an android version that could violate intellectual property rights related to this application. Lastly, we ask you kindly refrain from framing/embedding these properties on other websites because they are ours!

You are not allowed, without our prior written consent to resell, assign, transfer, distribute or make the app available to third parties; To frame it on a web server and serve it over the internet or any other network. Alter its trademarks by removing confidentiality legends and numbers used for identification purposes in relation to the iOS App Store. We may monitor your use of this application but not in an identifiable manner that violates personal privacy rights as part of our performance information process.

You agree that we may make such Analytics publicly available, provided it: does not contain identifying information; is compiled using a sample size large enough to ensure data anonymity. We and/or our licensors own all rights, titles, and interests in the Analytics software technology documentation content related to these analytics including any Intellectual Property rights therein.

Intelectual property

Unless otherwise stated, the website and all of its content is our proprietary property. All source code on both the site as well as Smart Contracts are ours to use or license out at will. We own several trademarks along with copyrighted material that you should assume we have full rights over unless it's explicitly reported elsewhere in this document!

These Terms of Use prohibit copying, reproducing, aggregating, republishing, or exploiting any part of the website, App, nor Smart Contract for commercial purposes.

The website is a marketplace where you can sell or purchase goods and services. You have the right to access it only if you are eligible, but once inside, we grant permission for the personal use of any part found there as long as that's what your intention was upon entry. We've got all rights not stated explicitly here reserved at our discretion by holding onto them.

Data between you and us is all yours. You still have the rights to it, including any copies or modifications made of said Data as well. As we are using this for our own purposes, even if that means diagnosing problems with an App or developing other services just so long as they're de-identified from personal information. We can't do anything without your consent but bear in mind that there's a limited license on what sort of activities we get up to while owning them because you might not want anyone else sniffing around those files either since these things contain sensitive data about yourself like contact numbers and home addresses which would definitely be beneficial enough for someone wanting your details.

You represent and warrant that you have obtained all necessary rights, releases, and permissions to provide your Data to us. Your authorization for the transfer of data does not violate any Laws (including those relating to export control or electronic communications) nor do they infringe on anyone's Intellectual Property Rights. The use by us is authorized in these Terms and will not be inconsistent with terms previously established between yourself as a user of our site/applications; it also won't affect privacy or publicity laws adversely either.


Regardless of anything in the Terms, we will not be liable for more than what you paid us. We are also not responsible if something happens on our site and it's your fault. Lastly, we won't pay out any money related to this other than that which is listed in the original purchase price.

The following are the limitations of our liability. We do not take responsibility for any losses or damages you have from using the app, and they will be at your own risk. This includes anything arising out of the loss/damage to property; injury to a person; delays in providing the app; breaches due to negligence or other legal reasons such as tort law and others that apply under contract law like a breach of warranty terms, etc.; computing environment caused by something else (not us).

We are not liable for anything that happens outside of our control; we will only be responsible if there is something wrong with your computer, data, or other actions. We aren't to blame either if there has been an error made by someone involved in this process and any anticipated results have failed to come true.

You agree and acknowledge that we have made the website, App, and smart contracts available to you. We are entering into these terms in reliance upon the warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability set forth herein which reflect a reasonable allocation of risk between us. We would not be able to provide this without such limits on our liability as provided by law.


You understand and agree that your access to the site, app, or smart contracts are at your own risk. The sites may not be perfect but they're just as good as it gets for now! We cannot guarantee that the Site, any smart contract or external websites will be free of errors and we disclaim all implied warranties as to same.

The Site, the App, and Smart Contracts may not be suitable for your needs. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we, affiliates, and licensors do not represent or warrant to you that: Your access to or use of this site will meet all your requirements; Your access to or use of the site, the app, and smart contracts will be uninterrupted, timely and free from error. Usage data provided through the site, app, and smart contracts is accurate. The sites' apps are free of viruses or other harmful components. When using our site, app, and smart contracts your data will be secure. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties in a contract with consumers, so some or all of the above exclusions may not apply to you.

You agree to the inherent security risks of providing information and doing business online over the internet. We have no liability or responsibility for any breach of security unless it is due to our gross negligence. We will not be responsible for any losses you incur as the result of your use of our Ethereum Network, Wallet, or Electronically. This includes lost passwords and poorly constructed smart contracts that may lead to loss claims arising from user error.

If you experience a server failure or data loss, corrupted wallet files, unauthorized access by third parties to the app and/or crypto network including but not limited to viruses, phishing scams, or brute force attacks on crypto wallet your currency may be permanently lost.

The company are intangible digital assets that exist only by virtue of the ownership record maintained on the network. All smart contracts are conducted and occur on a decentralized ledger within this system, where they interact with other App owners to transfer resources between each other based on certain rules programmed into their code.

THE company, the company behind the game has no control over smart contracts on blockchain or any other feature of the network. The company is not responsible for losses due to blockchains and electronic wallets used with game. Inclusive of late reports from developers and representatives, or even no report at all, about any issues with the blockchain supporting the network such as forks in technology nodes. Fund losses are also included if they result due to these reported problems.