If you want to construct a 75-card SPELLFIRE deck, here are the rules. As a result of a larger number of cards, certain changes need to be made to the basic SPELLFIRE rules. There is no interchangeability between these rules and 55-card rules since they are only applicable for a deck of 75 cards. Due to the differences between the rules of 75-card decks and 55-card decks, the rules for one should not be applied to the other.

Tournaments with rules variants, such as the Barbarian's Game or those that provide ten realms victory conditions, often use these decks. Native Spellfire citizens typically play this deck.

75 card deck

Cards in Deck

Type of Cards

0-4 Rule Cards
10-20 Realms
0-7 Holdings
3-27 Champions *
0-12 Artifacts
0-15 Magical items
0-13 Events
any number Allies
any number Blood abilities
any number Wizard Spells
any number Cleric Spells
any number Psionic powers
any number Unarmed combat
any number Thief skills
0-1 Dungeon Card **

* The champions in a deck cannot total more than 125 levels. The number in the icon on the card indicates a champion's level. Use the first number in the icon if there is more than one. It is important to note that each player can include one avatar in his deck for free; its levels do not count toward the maximum of 125 levels (but it counts as one champion).

** The dungeon card is not included in the total of 75 cards. The 76th card in the deck can be a dungeon card.

Here are the specific rules changes for these decks of 75 cards:

• Cards Drawn: Draw more than 3 cards to begin your turn. 4 cards are drawn per turn from 75-card decks.

• Hand Size: In addition to drawing more cards into your hand, your final number of cards is increased. With a 75-card deck, you can have a hand size of up to 10 cards.

• Realms: With more cards in a deck, players can alter the basic winning conditions. In addition to the optional Barbarian's Game rules, it is suggested that a six-realm formation be defended for at least one turn before a winner can be declared.

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