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25-Card Decks (Introductory)

Rules for 25-card deck building

For introductory tournaments, the 25-card decks should be used. It is a game where players are given a limited amount of time in which they have to assemble 25 cards they believe are the best. Those cards include realms, holdings, champions, allies, events, spells, magical items, and artifacts. Everything depends on the player and the deck. It is important to note that the game has different card types and comes with different purposes and values.

There can only be one instance of a card in a deck. In the new Spellfire game, the rule is simple. The card is considered the same if it has the same picture. Keep in mind that old Spellfire Classic booster cards will have a different name, art, and power. Also, there are different deck limits for each card type.

* The champions cannot total more than 40 levels. Look at the number on the card to determine the champion's level. Always use the first number.
** 25-card deck cannot contain avatars, dungeons and rules.

25-card decks have a vital rule change: there are fewer cards in a deck, so there are different winning conditions: 3 realms must be placed on the table in positions A, B, and C, and they must be defended for one turn.

• Cards Drawn: draw 3 cards to begin your turn.
• Hand Size: you can have a hand size of up to 7 cards.
• Realms: A three-realm formation is suggested to be defended for one turn before a winner can be declared.
• In the 25-card game, the final stage is triggered when there are three unrazed realms anywhere in play. Once the final stage activates, all cards preventing final attacks against the winning player are canceled, and any new such cards are discarded immediately. This includes cards like Caravan, Mutiny, and similar ones, which are discarded if there are three unrazed realms in formation.
• The optional rule where the world of the champion matches the world of the realm does not add bonus levels.
• Draw pile: when the cards in the draw pile end, the game ends.
• Time: limited to 30 minutes in total. The game ends when the time is up. The current player's turn can be finished.

Winning Player

The player with the most unrazed realms wins. If multiple players have three unrazed realms, the winner is determined by the player who placed the three realms first. In the event of a tied number of unrazed realms, the count of razed realms is considered. The player with the most unrazed and razed realms combined emerges as the winner. If a tie persists, holdings are also taken into account. If there is still no winner, champions in the pool are counted. The player with fewer champions wins. If the game remains tied, the levels of the champions are considered (counting the first number if there are two in the icon). The winner is the player with fewer levels among the champions. If the game is still tied, the remaining cards in the draw pile are counted. The winner is the player with more cards in the pile. 

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