The printed date and the copyright are hard-to-see elements on Spellfire cards. For the Old Spellfire cards, you can see both of them on the backside of the card, below the TSR logo. All old cards are the property of the TSR company. After the Wizards of the Coasts purchased TSR, they were acquired by Hasbro. All old cards are protected by copyright law and belong to the rightful owners.

New owners of Spellfire world do not hold any copyrights of old cards. They can not use any pictures, locations, names of the champions and can not reprint or sell the old cards.

But the brand name "SPELLFIRE" is no longer the property of TSR, Wizard of the Coast, or Hasbro. The new owners created their own Spellfire world with their own champions, maps, locations, stories, and magic, including all the artwork printed on the cards.

You can see the date and the copyright at the bottom of the card's front side for the New Spellfire cards.

The Prime Edition Spellfire cards and Spellfire classic booster are the properties of the new owners.

Importance of the printed date

The printed date is the crucial element of the Spellfire world. All cards dated 2021 and later are the property of the new Spellfire brand owners. Some of the events we will organize in the near future will be tied to the printing date. 

Any homemade rules can be applied when you play Spellfire with your friends, kids, or colleagues. There are plenty of various options and ways to play Spellfire. However, official tournaments, championships, and promotional games will rely on their own strict rules.

The rules may vary there, but one of the most commonly used rules will be: you can play only with the renewed cards or the ones that are not older than 2 years. You can renew Spellfire cards within the website or the official app.

The correct date of the card can be revealed by scanning the QR code on the backside of the card.

Examples of "Original NFT cards"