What's New in Spellfire

New mechanics, interactivity, ideas and fun

Augmented reality cards for immersive feeling

Cards that awake and act around you

Augmented reality (AR) is the new type of card found in the Spellfire Prime edition. Do not mix these cards with other AR marking on old cards. Some old reference guides indicate that AR represents cards from the Artifacts Booster Pack #5, released in May 1995. There are 100 cards in this booster pack, and they do not have the mechanics of Augmented Reality cards in the Spellfire Prime edition.

Augmented reality cards are alive in Spellfire digital game. You can inspect any AR card very closely. After scanning the QR code and initializing the camera, you can see the card you play. They can fly around, attack you, shoot or bite you. This feature makes the game more immersive and fun.