The Rebirth of Spellfire

What happened to the Spellfire world and the game

The Untold Story about long lost World

What happened to the Spellfire world and the game

Once there was a fantastic world full of dungeons and dragons, cities and monsters, legends, power, and magic. Like many worlds, they had their own gods, deities, mighty heroes, legendary cities, horrifying demons, and incredible immortal stories. They had peaceful times, diplomatic treaties, treasons, and wars that lasted hundreds of years and required fighting for the ultimate power.

Many secrets have been kept for centuries, many kings have changed, and royal bloodlines have been forgotten. Some of the notorious warriors have become legends and myths, some of them have been lost within history.

But no one expected that one day the Dark Wizard from the West Coast could come and destroy the entire fantasy world which has become a home for many.

At first, the wizard pretended to be a savior of this wonderful world. He promised expansion, flourishing cities, and new settlements. Tales were told about new creatures, deities, and races coming to populate the realms. But that was all a lie. The Wizard took away all wealth, light, and achievements, leaving inhabitants broken and disappointed.

The long-lasting dark ages have come. Every live being was terrified of the Dark Wizard. The remaining citizens were allowed to live but strict rules were put in place leaving them without help, bright future, and support.

Time passed.

And when the last hope was lost, the fear disappeared. Five mighty kings woke up from the deep sleep and started to recover things lost in time. New lands emerged from the darkness, new citizens came to restored cities, towns, villages, and castles. New worlds started their own chapter in history and regained their freedom from the Dark Wizard.

The new generation remembered their lost legends, and myths became the new reality. Those who were cheated and betrayed by the Dark Wizard started to come back to recreate the ancient world.

During the 2nd Moon age, a huge meteorite hit the world in the South and uncovered the secret tomb nobody knew about. It was a royal tomb with the remains of an unknown king from the ancient past. A necklace with a small blood bottle was found with the corpse. A mad scientist recreated a human from the blood. He was the first of its kind in this new world - the Bloodborn - born out of the blood. As time passed, he became the king of these lands known as Blood Birth.

During the 3rd Moon age, another meteorite hit the world in the South close to the first place, creating a strange crater where time ran differently. That place was called the Time Shift Hole. The gate to the past has opened, and the modern world merged with the ancient worlds. Not only the sense of time was strange in these lands. The water there was glowing in bright orange, red, and yellow during the night, so these lands were named Flaming Waters.

During the 4th Moon age, strange phenomenal occurrences struck the world. For some reason, the deadly frost slowly came from the north taking over the cities, lakes, rivers, and lands. Legend says that even lava started to freeze there and frigid cold captured fire. These lands became too harsh for living and were named Frozen Fire lands.

But not everything went so bad. At the same time, other parts of this world changed dramatically and became better. Lands, which have never seen rain and where water had the value of gold, became wet and misty. The water came out of nowhere, from the deep, deep grounds and turned deserts to forests, oases to lakes, and canyons into rivers. Natives named these lands - Wet Deserts.

The East part of the world was still ruled by the dark forces where injustice was a law, horror and fear were the respected values, and happiness was punished by death. A strange kid lived there, who had vivid dreams and magical visions full of light and joy. He learned all the secrets of dark forces, trained how to use their power, but decided to serve for the light and bring balance to those lands. Once, totally dead lands started to bloom again. Residents thought that this was the divine intervention and called these lands The Holy Deadlands.

The magical World of Spellfire is waiting for you, our precious wanderer. You are welcome to apply for citizenship, get unique titles, jobs, create fun, beauty, and glory. Submerge yourself into this fantasy world full of friendly creatures, cults, rules, races, and help allies to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.