The Rebirth of Spellfire

What happened to the Spellfire world and the game

The Myths and Legends of Frozen Fire

The Story of the coldest part of Spellfire Game

Lands to the North were the hottest place in the whole Spellfire World. The area was surrounded by mountains and affected by constant volcano activities. Magma rivers, called Rivers of Fire, created a phenomenal and unique landscape that was the only such in all Spellfire lands.

As History Keeper is telling in his Story, these lands became the residence of the Ancient Fire Dragon - the last Dragon King of its kind. Previously, the Spellfire World was populated by many different dragon species, but this changed dramatically after the Century War for Power during the 1st age of the Moon. Many dragons lost their battles to the Undead King and the Dark Wizard and were almost eradicated. Seeing a dragon in Spellfire World has become a rarity. The ones that are still alive live in hard-to-reach mountain areas. It is said that the lair of the Dragon King is hidden in the very center of an active volcano. It is almost impossible to get to this place for live beings because immunity to fire is required.

Right before the Century War for Power, an unpredicted event happened. Someone came from the far, far lands in the North, possessing extraordinary power to control the frost. The lands of Fire started to frost as the ice-cold breezes could freeze even the fire. Boiling magma rivers and lakes transformed into Frozen Lava clusters. That's how these lands got the name of Frozen Fire.

In Frozen Fire, some areas are so harsh that only a few have seen them. Some islands exist, but they are named uncharted islands because most who go there do not come back. Yet, there are rumors that bizarre remains of a Statue from the Past are lying there.

Another thought-provoking Statue was seen in the middle of the ocean. The closest landmarks are hundreds of miles away. No one really knows who built that fascinating statue, but clerics feel enormous traction towards this place. To see that statue is a lifetime achievement for every cleric.

Unexplainable frost has taken over about two-thirds of Frozen Fire lands already. But it stopped expanding for a few decades now. Rumors are that some kind of Super Powers came to an agreement and divided the lands to rule.

There are many interesting places, castles, and monuments around the Frozen Fire lands. Many different races have settled to live in the area. Dwarves and Giants live in the frozen part of the Mountains area and across the Dwarven Bay, near the well-known Mount Gundabad, there is a Golden Castle. The King of Dwarves is the master in these realms. Dwarves live quite peacefully with the Giants and Shapeshifters around.

In the hot part of Frozen Fire, you can still find rare species of dragons.

The farthest island to the North is overtaken by the Undead with strange blue eyes. But that might be the drunk fantasies of few explorers because only a few have survived and come back from their curiosity trip to the North.

In Frozen Fire, you can find schools of Air and Fire magic. One of the most notable castles is called The Golden Triangle castle as it is situated right in the spot where three worlds join together: Frozen Fire, Holy Deadlands, and Wet Deserts.

Dearest wanderer, Frozen Fire is only for those, who have the balls to live and explore here. If you want more peaceful lands with blistering nature don't choose these realms to live. Choose the right world for you and apply for citizenship.

Secret phrase: Frigi