When the defender's realm is razed or discarded, or when the attacker's champion is defeated or discarded, the battle ends. The battle, however, may end differently depending on certain circumstances. Below is a list of all possible outcomes for a round of combat.

A round of combat is over when the defender defeats the attacking champion. Afterward, no further attack may be made by the attacking champion. The defender earns spoils of victory if the attacking champion was discarded. In the case of champions returning to their pool, the rule doesn't apply.

• The realm is razed if the attacker defeats the defending champion in the round. Winners return to the attacker's pool, and players collect their spoils.

• Whenever a defender declines to defend the realm, the realm is razed and the battle ends. Victory spoils go to the attacker.

• A battle ends when a realm is razed or discarded during combat due to card play (such as a player using Cataclysm! (119/CL) event). The attacking player receives spoils of victory, and both attacker and defender return to their pools. Before combat can start, both champions must have been selected (and their special powers activated).

• If card play causes both champions to be discarded. No winner or loser emerges. No spoils are drawn.

• During combat, if an attacking champion is discarded due to card play, the battle is over. The defender gets the spoils. For instance, it is good to play Treasure (130/CL) while defending your realm from monster champions.

In some cases, your opponent is discarded after combat if you play certain cards. These cards have no effect on altering a successful attack or defense. A couple of examples are Iuz the Evil and Aurak Draconians. Occasionally, some cards can even discard a successful attacking champion, but these effects occur outside of the battle and do not affect the spoils of victory unless it is specifically stated so on the card).

Spoils of victory

During combat, if the realm being attacked is razed or discarded, the attacker gets to draw one card from his draw pile. The realm can be razed or discarded despite the fact that another type of card play occurred. If this happens, the spoils card is available for play immediately or kept for later. Spoils allow the player to play magic items, artifacts, champions, holdings, rule cards, and dungeons that are normally not playable. With spoils of victory, the only restriction is playing an avatar into the pool. Avatars can be played as spoils, but the cost associated with them must also be met.

Spells, psionic power cards, blood abilities, thief skills, and unarmed combat cards can't be played immediately unless they state they "can be played at any time." Otherwise, the spoils card is added to the player's hand. In combat, the defender draws a spoils card from the top of his draw pile if the attacker is defeated and discarded. Furthermore, this holds true even if another card play eliminated the champion, not the defense.