The Cards

Explanation of markings, icons and terms

Card markings clarified

All the small markings on the card explained

At the bottom of the card is a marble box that contains 10 elements:

  • ( 1 ) A world Logo. The logos are Frozen Fire, Holy Deadlands, Blood Birth, Wet Deserts, Flaming Waters. Old cards have other logos. Only champions, artifacts, realms, and holdings have world-specific logos, and these logos typically dictate how cards work together. For example, a Frozen Fire champion can use only a Frozen Fire artifact, Wet Deserts realms can have only Wet Deserts holdings attached to them, and so on. Read more about Worlds of Spellfire.
  • ( 2 ) The title of the card. Only one card with the same title can be added to a deck. Upgrading the level of the card does not change the title of the card.
  • ( 3 ) Cards' special power description. Card's special powers defined. Powers written here may override the basic rules and mechanics of the game.
  • ( 4 ) The name of the Art designer. All pictures are copyrighted and cannot be used, modified, and derived without the written permission of the company and the author.
  • ( 5 ) The date of the Card. The date of the release of the card may be the critical element of the card, and it can define if you can access the special tournaments and battles.
  • ( 6 ) Rarity level and the total emission of the Holographic cards. There are six rarity levels in the Prime and Classics editions, which have fixed emissions of Holographic and regular playing cards. This number shows the emission of Holographic cards.
  • ( 7 ) Set's edition. We have three main editions in the new Spellfire card game: Prime, Classic, and Special. The colors used on the titles of the editions define the card's rarity.
  • ( 8 ) Level of the card. All cards in Spellfire have 6 levels and can be upgraded. L1 marking means level one.
  • ( 9 ) Card number and the total number of cards in the Set. There are 600 different cards in the Prime edition set. The first number is used a lot in the game to check the outcome of the action. Players draw and discard a card from their draw pile to see the last digit of the first number. Depending on the card's power description, this number means success or failure.
  • ( 10 ) The element of the card. There are 5 elements in the Spellfire world: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether. Most of the cards have one of them assigned.