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Playing cards

Collectible Cards for old Spellfire players

"Playing Cards" are not holographic. The community can use them to play at home or in particular tournaments. "Playing Cards" earn experience points, "gold" and Spellfire tokens by playing the Spellfire game in official tournaments. You can upgrade these cards up to the 6th level.

You do not earn profit share with "Playing Cards." If you are looking for affiliate income in Spellfire, read the topic about "Holographic Cards" and make up to 90% profit share from the sales.

You can mix the "Holographic cards" and "Playing cards" within one deck, but there might be tournament settings where you cannot. If you find the cheater in the offline tournament, the cheating player loses automatically and is instantly disqualified from the tournament.

In tournaments, you can win gold prizes, token prizes, scarce limited edition cards, or even "Holographic cards."

Below is the "Playing cards" list sorted by rarity levels and quantities in the prime edition set.

Super Rare
Playing cards quantity
Initial Playing card price
Upgrade levels

What is play and earn (PaE)?

Play and Earn (PaE) means you can earn gold and tokens by playing the game. In Spellfire, this is seen through the ability to earn in-game items that you can sell for real-world money. The Play to Earn journey is as follows:

1. You unlock packs that give you digital cards by playing games. There are different booster packs you may win or purchase. Read here about the booster packs.

2. When playing games, all cards "in play" get experience and earn tokens. $SPELLFIRE is a coin that allows you to upgrade cards, make them more valuable and powerful. You gain experience and tokens for:

• Playing a Game
• Participating in the Battle
• Winning a Battle
• For Instant Kills / Discards
• For Survived Discards

3. You earn tokens by winning games and tournaments. You can spend tokens on upgrading cards, making them more powerful. Like this, the "playing card" price can skyrocket in the market.

4. With tokens, you can buy special edition cards. Upgrades of regular playing cards above the 4th level will be available only in tokens. All cards become minted to the blockchain network to secure the ownership and have real-world value.

5. With tokens, you can participate in token battles. Build a deck, bet tokens, wait for the opponent and humiliate them in the Battle.

6. Finally, you can trade these cards in the Marketplace for real-world cash. You can buy new cards with your current earnings or convert them to your currency to spend however you want.

7. Repeat!

Examples of Playing Cards