The Cards

Explanation of markings, icons and terms

World logos and their stories

Understanding the different parts of Spellfire world

At the bottom of the card, a marble box contains 10 elements. The most obvious of these elements is a world logo. There are 5 worlds in Spellfire, and their Logos are:

Old cards have their logos. Only champions, artifacts, realms, and holdings have world-specific logos that dictate how cards work together. For example, a Frozen Fire champion can only use a Frozen Fire artifact; Wet Deserts realms can only have Wet Deserts holdings attached to them, and so on.

Few still alive say that far, far frigid undead lands are surrounded by horrific storms, and deadly frost can even capture fire there. In Frozen Fire, some areas are so harsh that only a few have seen them. Some islands exist, but they are named uncharted because most who go there do not come back. Yet, there are rumors that bizarre remains of some Statue from the Past are lying there. Dearest wanderer, Frozen Fire is only for those who have the balls to live and explore here.

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Shadowlands had been overtaken by darkness for ages. When the hope was lost, the light came and restored the balance making nebulous lands thrive again. Holy Deadlands are fascinating yet dangerous to explore. Here, you can find a strange crater called the Dragon nest. No one knows why it is called like that because nobody saw any dragon there. There is also an impenetrable Dragon desert lying next to the Malignant Sea. Living beings can't touch their water as it is deadly poisonous. Dearest wanderer, please take your time to apply for citizenship here and get yourself permission to live in these fascinating and dreadful lands.

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In this majestic world of horrid beauty, strange shapeshifting creatures, champions, artifacts, and lands are bounded by divine blood. In the Refugees Camp, Bloodbirth, the Bloodline Keeper keeps the order. During every full moon and every full sun, he chooses twelve adepts and, according to the History Keeper, takes them to the secret trials to see if they are worth getting the divine powers. Only two of twelve are lucky to pass the trials and meet the Bloodlord. Honorable Wanderer, you are welcome to learn more about the cities, monuments, temples, and mysterious ceremonies in the Bloodbirth.

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Legends say that these marvelous murky swamps and rainy amazonian forests, which are populated with never seen beasts, once were the dusty deserts. In the remaining part of the desert, the Ancient Magic Tower is still standing and fighting with time. The most known part of these lands is Capitolium. It is the capital of the Spellfire world and the biggest city anyone has ever seen. Several Brotherhoods were established near the capital. One serves for light, another for dark forces, and the third for animals. Many more cities and strange places are waiting for you in the Wet Deserts.

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Water is flammable in these lucid and magical lands where elves, orcs, trolls, vampires, and werebeasts live in deceptive peace. Haunted Forest is guarded by the Eye of Shadows which tracks every little movement of anyone who dares to approach. Elven King rules elven lands. Rumors say that he is not even an elf; he only disguises himself as an elf. Some saw him flying faster than the wind; some saw his wings bigger than the dragon's; some said his bow shoots the bolts of lightning. Strange experiments are happening here.

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