What's New in Spellfire

New mechanics, interactivity, ideas and fun

Interactive and upgradable physical Cards

The Power of Interactive Cards

Spellfire Prime edition and Spellfire Classics (CL) booster contain interactive cards. Cards labeled as "Interactive" work in the App, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

There are many different interactive cards in Spellfire. Spells, Psionic Powers, Blood Abilities, Unarmed Combat Cards, Thief Skills might have fixed and dynamic power values. If you use the App, you have an Interactive power level, which might be a bit worse or better than the fixed power. It's up to you whether you want to use Interactivity.

Interactive Voice-controlled cards are also available, where you can cast a spell verbally, which makes more immersive gameplay. There are many Voice-controlled spells you will need to learn and use wisely.

There are interactive gesture-controlled cards, where you will need to draw a hieroglyph or rune to enable their power, which also makes the game more exciting. Many runes and sigils are waiting for you once you learn them.

Some interactive cards shift their shape depending on the time and circumstances. You can see these cards' final form and absolute powers only in the Spellfire app.

Alchemy lore can also be accessible via some of the interactive cards. You can create various magical items and artifacts exclusive to a champion. All these cards will work only in the Spellfire app.

Some older sets used cards that required you to roll the dice. Now the dice roll is transferred to the Spellfire app as well.

All cards in the new Spellfire game gain experience while in play. They also earn you crypto tokens that can be exchanged for real money or spent to upgrade various cards.

Many more secrets and surprises are waiting for you in Spellfire prime edition cards. Apply for citizenship and start playing Spellfire again, on a completely different level than before.

The Power of Upgradable Cards

All cards in the new Spellfire Prime edition (Prime) and Spellfire Classics (CL)are upgradable.

Champions have their spellbooks and unique spells to cast. At first, a champion can cast only one spell, and you will need to use tokens, particular elements, or find special cards to upgrade and unlock other spells.

Alchemist can use their alchemy blueprints to make their own unique Magical Items and Artifacts. These champions grow in strategic power with every upgrade.

All cards in Spellfire can be upgraded when you use them. Some items have a temporal enchantment effect, and there are ones where enchantment becomes permanent. Cards gain experience during the play and earn you crypto tokens, which can be exchanged for real money or spent to upgrade other cards.