Here are the deck construction rules for 110-card SPELLFIRE decks for SPELLFIRE players who want to try something really different. Several changes need to be made to the basic SPELLFIRE rules as a result of the increased number of cards. This set of rules applies only to a deck of 110 cards and cannot be interchanged with the standard 55-card rules. A player with a 110-card deck shouldn't play someone with a 55-card deck due to different rules for 110-card decks.

In the Spellfire tournament, this deck is the largest sanctioned deck. The chances of a certain card being drawn are halved in these massive decks, so they are usually very strategy-oriented. A 110-card deck is often used in the Campaign Classic tournament. For true SPELLFIRE fans, these are the decks.

110 card deck

Cards in Deck

Type of Cards

0-5 Rule Cards
15-30 Realms
0-10 Holdings
4-40 Champions *
0-15 Artifacts
0-20 Magical items
0-17 Events
any number Allies
any number Blood abilities
any number Wizard Spells
any number Cleric Spells
any number Psionic powers
any number Unarmed combat
any number Thief skills
0-1 Dungeon Card **

* The champions in a deck cannot total more than 180 levels. The number in the icon on the card indicates a champion's level. Use the first number in the icon if there is more than one. Each player may include two avatars in his deck; their levels do not count toward the 180-level limit (but they are still considered two champions-and they may not both be in play at once).

** Dungeon cards do not count towards the 110 cards total. It can be the 111th card in your deck if you choose to use a dungeon card.

For these 110-card size decks, there are some specific rules changes:

• Cards Drawn: Draw more than three cards at the start of your turn. A 110-card deck draws 5 cards per turn.

• Hand Size: As more cards are drawn into your hand, the number of cards you can have at the end of your turn increases. A 110-card deck allows you to hold up to 12 cards.

• Realms: With 110-card decks, ten realms would be sufficient for victory, as this size deck has significantly more realms. It is recommended not to use the optional Barbarian's Game rule when using the ten-realm formation.

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