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Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
272 / 600


Werebeast. An evil psionicist did lycanthropy experiments. The pig gained psionic abilities, can use psionic powers, but holds deep hate against psionicists giving him +2 levels against them.


Hero card type
Frozen Fire
Werebeast Male

Art by: Edgaras Guršnys


There was once a village pig who lived a simple life on a farm. He spent his days bathing in the mud and eating plenty of tasty foods. It seemed like he was living the best life a pig could have. But one day, everything changed. A strange man has arrived on the farm, wanting to buy the pig. At first, the farmer was hesitant because the person didn't look like a usual buyer. From his appearance, he seemed like a wealthy man. But once he offered an impressive amount of money, the farmer became indifferent. He welcomed the man into the barn to see the pig. But the strangest thing was that the man didn't even want to see the pig. He just asked to deliver the pig as soon as the farmer can, and that's it. When the day of delivery came, the pig was restless. It seemed like he already knew that something was off. But the farmer didn't have much attention to him and forced him into the carriage. Once the farmer reached the destination, he was surprised. The premises didn't look like a slaughterhouse, and there was no barn to keep the pig either. Before leaving, the farmer timidly asked what the man was going to do with the pig. But the man just laughed at the farmer's face and said that it was none of his business. Although the farmer left under suspicion, he was happy about the good pay, so he didn't think much about the day. When the man brought the pig inside, the pig felt confused. It looked nothing like the barn that he had lived in before. It was a science lab with many unseen devices. There were many cages with different animals there. But the biggest cage was prepared specially for the pig. But why was there given such a big cage for such a small pig? During his time in the lab, the pig went through various exams and experiments. Some were simple, and some were true torture. The scientist didn't seem like he was trying to make something positive out of it. And one fateful night, when the full moon was the highest as it can be, the pig got to see what he was in for. The scientist injected him with some strange liquid, and that's when the action started. The pig felt tortured all night. It looked like someone was tearing him apart from the inside. The pig even thought that he was going to die. But when everything calmed down, he felt fine. The only strange thing he noticed was that the once small cage was suddenly too small for him! To his surprise, with just a few moves, he managed to break the cage bars, the laboratory door, and the backyard fence. After breaking out, the pig was free. He ran without looking back lest the angry scientist tracks him down and take him back. But the truth is that he would never be able to control him anymore because the experiment had transformed the pig into a supernatural being who was capable of inexplicable things. It didn't take long for the pig to realize this himself, and as a result, he stopped hiding and became a bold creature.

Terms explained


Werebeast - Champions and allies designated as werebeasts gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers. Many werebeasts are monster champions, though they can be of any type.