Voice-controlled cards are the new type of interactive cards in Spellfire world. They can only be found in Prime edition decks and boosters.  Spellfire app is needed for the proper functioning of these cards. Unique champions are the most powerful ones - they have their own books of spells or prayers. That is clearly stated on the card.

How do voice-controlled cards work?

Each champion has his or her own book. If you have a card like this, you need to scan the QR code with the Spellfire app to see more information about the card. Within the App, you will receive full guidance on using the champion and his spells or prayers. Some of the spells are free to cast anytime; some of them are learnable. Unlocked spells show the title, description, and effect of the spell or prayer. A word in yellow is an activation word that activates the spell.

You can press the "Cast a spell" or "Pray" within the app, which would activate your microphone, and you will need to say the yellow word aloud. If you spell it correctly, you will see cast animation. If you misspelled the word, the spell would fail to cast, resulting in no effect.

If you want to skip the immersive gameplay experience, you can simply click the spell you wish to cast.

Voice spells are locked for some time after use. So use them very wisely: at the right time and the right place.

Examples of voice-controlled cards