Suingu the Necromancer

186 / 600 Card element


Interactive. Upgradable. Human. Darkness serving to the Light. Suingu has his own Book of Necromancy. Instant kill cards do not work on Necromancer.

Power 5 Wizard - Human


Holy Deadlands

Usable on phases: 3 4

Book of necromancy

Necromancy Spells manipulate life, cheat death. Can be used greater good of lesser bad. Such spells can grant an extra reserve of life force, drain the life energy from another creature, create the undead, or even bring the dead back to life.

Scan QR code located on the back side of the card with the Spellfire app. Press Cast a Spell button and say the Spell aloud. Spell Words are written in Yellow. Bellow you can see available spells, their descriptions and costs to upgrade.

Limitations: one spell per turn.

[ RAKA ]

Halves champion base level (round down)

Blood infection

(Offensive 3)

Necromantic wave Emerges from the solar plexus of the caster and strikes the opponent, infecting his blood until the end of turn

Free to use

[ FOMM ]

Champion can not attack or flees from the battle

Fear of the Death

(Defensive 3/4)

Creates dreadful illusion which scare the champion away making him run for his life. Lasts until the next turn.

Upgrade to learn this spell: Absorb 2 Ether cards.


Summons all champions from one discard pile

Animate Dead

(Defensive 4)

All champions from the graves (any one discard pile) come to assist Champion in Battle as allies. All champions have no special powers and each have level 1.

Upgrade to learn this spell: Absorb 2 Ether cards and 2 Earth cards.

[ VIVI ]

Brings back one champion from your discard pile to hand

Cheat Death

(Defensive 3)

The Skull wand emits deep blasting sound and resurrects one champion from your discard pile.. Champion Starts a new life without any penalties

Upgrade to learn this spell: Absorb 3 Earth cards.


+6 (Off magical item) Captures Soul upon Victory

Necrotic Blade

(Defensive 3/4)

The blade forms from the shadows in your right hand. if victorious with this blade, opposing champion soul is captured and controlled by the Necromancer until the end of next turn. Use captured champion as your own.

Upgrade to learn this spell: Absorb 4 Ether cards.

[ XXXX ]

bonus is unknown

Very powerful spell

(Offensive/Defensive 3/4)

No one knows the true power of this spell until someone learns it

Upgrade to learn this spell: Absorb 4 Earth cards.

Terms explained

Human - Champions and allies designated as humans gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers.

Brotherhood of the Light - Activates only if Brotherhood of the Light (37/5th) realm is in formation. Champions and allies with the word Light written on the card are doubled in level and immune to wizard spells. Brothers get 3 levels.

Interactive - Card Special powers are controlled by the Spellfire app. Scan QR code to see the powers. Interactive cards looses their interactivity when switched sides.

Upgradable - Card Powers can be Upgraded. Scan QR code to see upgrade options

Copyrights: Ugnius Kiguolis, Spellfire, Art by: Edgaras Guršnys.