Spellfire cards

Dungeon Demolisher
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
302 / 600

Dungeon Demolisher

Human. Earthwalker. During phase 0, he can sneak and demolish any dungeon. An opponent may tempt fate. If the last digit is 2 or less, the demolisher fails and dies on his mission.


Thief card type
Frozen Fire
Human Male

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


Somewhere in the Frozen Fire world lives a man with incredible strength. He is a traveler that doesn't stick to one place for a long time. This man is surrounded by a mystical atmosphere because no one knows who he is, where he came from, and what his name is. This man doesn't speak much or interact with others and only wanders around the city until he leaves. Despite his solitary nature and mysterious past, the man is only known as the Dungeon Demolisher. He is well-known and feared throughout these lands. He is a powerful warrior with incredible strength and a fearsome reputation as a thief and demolisher of dungeons. Many stories circulated about him, with some claiming that he was a demon from the underworld, others insisting that he was a human with extraordinary powers, and still others insisting that he was an immortal being who had been wandering the earth for centuries. One day, he found himself in one of the richest cities, a bustling metropolis known for its rich history and impressive defenses. Sensing a challenge, the Dungeon Demolisher set his sights on the city's most heavily guarded dungeon, determined to break through its defenses and steal its riches. With his incredible strength and an unbreakable will, he managed to demolish the dungeon's defenses and claim its treasure. But as he made his escape, he was confronted by the city's most skilled warriors, who had been sent to stop him. In a fierce battle that shook the foundations of the city, he fought off the warriors and managed to escape with his loot. From that day on, his legend grew even larger, and he became known as the greatest thief and dungeon demolisher in the whole world.

Terms explained


Earthwalker - A champion or ally with the earthwalking ability can travel under the ground to attack any realm in a player's formation. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to Earthwalkers, or that Earthwalkers cannot attack. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specify that only other types of champions may attack (such as "Can only be attacked by clerics" or "Can only be attacked by flyers or swimmers"). The ability to Earthwalk is not granted to allies unless it specifically states so in the Earthwalker's card. A flyer cannot choose to not fly. A swimmer cannot choose to not swim. An earthwalker cannot choose to not earthwalk. In situations where a champion or ally has several types of movement, the champion can choose which type of movement to use. For example, if a champion becomes a flyer and earthwalker, they can choose how to move. The statement 'earthwalkers cannot attack' does not restrict the champion from flying to that realm, and 'only earthwalkers can attack' does not mean that the flying ability makes the champion unable to attack.

Exile - Exiles do not participate in the normal world order. Rules and Dungeons that affect everyone or this player's whole pool do not apply to exiled characters.

Human - Champions and allies designated as humans gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers.