Arcana Fire
338 / 600

Arcana Fire

Interactive. Upgradable. Arcane Fire spell's power increases by 3 levels for Air (ico) champions (Off/4)

Edition Prime
Type Wizard Spell
Power +3/x
Rarity Rare
Element Fire
World Spellfire
Attribute: Offensive
Usable on phases:

Earnings if you purchase original NFT card:

NFT card base price - $750
Playing card base price - $10
Total emission  - 30 pcs Total emission  - 25000 pcs
NFT card owners
Playing cards sold
If there and - , then by purchasing Arcana Fire NFT card for the base price of $750, you may earn
Price -
Potential revenue -

Extended description


Fire Spells can be used to attack or defend. They create heat and flame, which can burn deep wounds, cause great damage, or protect from the damage yourself. Creatures born of fire may be resistant to the effects of these Spells.

Scan QR code located on the back side of the card with the Spellfire app. Press Cast a Spell button and say the Spell aloud. Spell Words are written in Yellow. Bellow you can see available spells, their descriptions and costs to upgrade. Interactive powers supersedes static powers of the card.



Tongue of flame

A bolt of flame shall grow from your hands and strike one opponent.

[SATAI]+3 fire damage (Off/4)

Blade of Hell

You evoke a fiery blade in your hand. The blade lasts until the end of your next turn

[KUN]+4 fire damage (Magical item) (Off/3/4/5)

Fire Shield

Thin and wispy flames wreathe your body until the end of turn. Shield makes you immune to water (ico) cards

[TEI]+5 fire (Def/4)

Hardened Tongue of Fire

This spell is the bane of the undead, and this Spell is much feared by all those of evil called forth from death.

[SATAIAMIR]+4 fire damage (+5 vs undead) (Off/4)

Flaming Sword

You evoke a mighty sword in any champions hand. The blade lasts until the end of your turn

[KUNMUR]+5 fire damage (Magical item) (Off/3/4)

Fire Aura

Thick flames wreathe any champion body until the end of your next turn. The chill aura grants immunity to water (ico) cards

[TEIMAAR]+5 fire (Def/3/4/5)

Terms explained


Interactive - Card special powers are controlled by the Spellfire app. Scan QR code to see the powers. Interactive cards lose their interactivity when switched sides.

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