Spellfire cards

Vampire Fish
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
576 / 600

Vampire Fish

Vampire. Swimmer. Attack or defend in groups. You must count +1 additional level against every opposing champion and ally in the battle.


Ally card type

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis

Extended description

Vampire Fish has an icon bonus and additional bonus levels against champions and allies already placed and those placed later during the battle.


Vampire Fish can be defined by its coloring - bright red, like blood. Locals say if you see red in the water, Vampire fish is either feasting or planning its next attack. Stand back from the water! This fish can jump up to 2 meters high. Vampire Fish attack in groups and usually hunt large creatures who come to drink from the river. Vampire Fish take their name from their behavior. Most active at night, draining their victims' lives, leaving their bodies to float down the stream. Just like vampires, these fish prefer human blood, but they're not picky! Their fangs are believed to be sharper than the sharpest blade ever known to exist. Those able to get their hands on one can use it to fashion deadly knives and daggers. If designed with expensive gems, such weapons are worthy of royalty. Obtaining one is easier said than done, making it a very valuable product.

Terms explained


Swimmer - A swimming champion or ally can attack any realm in an opponent's formation that shows a coastline in its picture. This also includes realms with pictures instead of maps that depict coasts. The ability to swim is not automatically conferred to other cards, so a champion attacking a protected coastal realm must have the means to get his allies there if he intends to use allies in the round of battle. A flyer cannot choose to not fly. A swimmer cannot choose to not swim. An earthwalker cannot choose to not earthwalk. In situations where a champion or ally has several types of movement, the champion can choose which type of movement to use. For example, if a champion becomes a flyer and swimmer, they can choose how to move. The statement 'flyers cannot attack' does not restrict the champion from swimming to that realm, and 'only flyers can attack' does not mean that the swimming ability makes the champion unable to attack.

Vampire - Vampires are a special kind of champion or ally, designated in a card's text box. Not all Vampires are "Undead". Unless the card says "undead", it is not undead, even if the picture or name of the card seems to indicate otherwise. Many vampires are monster champions, though they can be of any type.