Spellfire cards

Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
321 / 600


Elf. Catcher. Can use psionic powers. While in the pool, she can negate and catch one psionic power card during his turn, which attaches to the catcher. All power cards used by Maya go to the Abyss.


Thief card type
Flaming Waters
Elf Female

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


Elves have long been known as creatures that live in the depths of forests and protect their surroundings from evil. But as the world changed, many elves had to leave their homes because they were no longer safe. That's how the elves went out into the wide world and eventually adapted to living there. The new environment brought many innovations to the daily life of the elves, including a broader branch of magic. They knew that in order to be safe from magical beings, you needed to know their craft. That's why they practiced in many different fields and passed on this knowledge from generation to generation. A little elf, who had been taught various crafts from an early age, once decided that she was fed up with the whole lifestyle. For years, she found excuses to skip her lessons and do something else she found interesting. But once, when she was wandering alone in the forest, her village was attacked, and many of her tribesmen were killed. She and the rest of her tribesmen had to flee and seek refuge elsewhere. But with nothing, they had to make a living by stealing from others. That's how she mastered the art of theft. But she didn't neglect her magic lessons either. Since psionic magic was the most interesting thing for her, she always paid more attention to it. This elf is known as Maya, and although she is no longer a little girl, her soul still wanders wherever her heart leads her. But she has become a brave and courageous fighter who is able to defend her home. Although she is a thief, she is not a villain. On the contrary, she is always ready to lend a hand to those who need it most. In addition to her dexterity and ability to control psionic powers, she is also an excellent catcher. She can negate and catch one psionic power of the opponent during the battle. Think twice before threatening Maya. She is ready for anything.

Terms explained


Catcher - Can intercept defensive and offensive spells and psionic powers.

Elf - Champions and allies designated as elves gain bonuses or penalties on other card's special powers. Elves can be of any champion type. Any cards designated as elf (drow), half-elves, high-elves are considered to be elves, but might gain special bonuses or penalties on other card's special powers for their sub-class.