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The Shadow
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
317 / 600

The Shadow

Vampire. Flyer. Shadow is untraceable. She is not affected by the rules "in play" and "in pool". Hunter of the wizards. Her magical sword gives +2 against wizards.


Thief card type
Blood Birth
Vampire Female

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


It has always been said that evil is hidden in darkness. That is why, even to this day, many avoid wandering alone in the dark. But only a few know that the creatures of this world are not subject to the rules of day and night. They are adapted to walk in the light, so you can never really be sure of your safety. Vampires have always been one of the most famous creatures of the night. They were characterized by their need to drink blood to survive. However, in many cases, they drank the blood of their victims to death, which always made them feared by those around them. But there are also interesting legends about vampires. It is said that you will never see its reflection in a mirror and that if you shine a light on them, you will never see its shadow lying on the ground. But one vampire has debunked one of these legends. It has long been rumored that there is a shadow lurking in this world, where not only things disappear but also blood. Every time such a shadow flickers, a woman's laughter is heard. Locals call this strange creature The Shadow. And this creature is actually a vampire of fabulous beauty. Many years ago, her beauty was the envy of many women. But one jealous enchantress couldn't stand it and cursed her to be invisible. But in order to make sure that those around her knew she existed, she attached a shadow to her. This angered The Shadow and made her wish for the end of all wizards, so she started chasing them. The Shadow isn't afraid to use her powers to get what she wants. She's been known to steal from wizards and use their own magic against them. What's more, she has a magical sword that helps her in her fight against them. Because of her ability to fly, she can travel extremely fast and appear in the most unexpected places. So if you ever see a strange shadow, suspect that it might be her.

Terms explained


Flyer - Champions or allies with the ability to fly can attack any realm, regardless of its position, by flying over intervening realms. If a card does not specify that it's a flyer, it is not, even if the picture shows wings or the name of the card implies the ability to fly. Flyers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to flyers or that flyers cannot attack. The ability to fly is not automatically granted to allies unless it specifically states so on the flyer's card. A flyer cannot choose to not fly. A swimmer cannot choose to not swim. An earthwalker cannot choose to not earthwalk. In situations where a champion or ally has several types of movement, the champion can choose which type of movement to use. For example, if a champion becomes a flyer and swimmer, they can choose how to move. The statement 'flyers cannot attack' does not restrict the champion from swimming to that realm, and 'only flyers can attack' does not mean that the swimming ability makes the champion unable to attack.

Vampire - Vampires are a special kind of champion or ally, designated in a card's text box. Not all Vampires are "Undead". Unless the card says "undead", it is not undead, even if the picture or name of the card seems to indicate otherwise. Many vampires are monster champions, though they can be of any type.