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The Clumsy Thief
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
310 / 600

The Clumsy Thief

Interactive. Dwarf. Ninja. Earthwalker. During phase 3 The Clumsy Thief can sneak into the opposing player pool and assassinate a champion. If fails - dies.


Thief card type
Super Rare
Wet Deserts
Dwarf Male

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis

Extended description

Probability of Success - 20%


The Clumsy Thief was born a Dwarf, but he had always dreamed of becoming a ninja. He was small and unassuming, and he was often overlooked and underestimated because of his size. But he was determined to prove himself, and he spent years training and honing his skills. Despite his clumsiness, he was a master at sneaking into the opposing player's land and assassinating their champions. He could move silently and strike with deadly precision, catching his enemies off guard and slipping away before they even knew he was there. But his life was filled with danger. If he failed in his missions, he could face certain death. And even when he succeeded, he was always one step away from being discovered and captured. Despite the risks, he continued to take on the most dangerous missions. He was driven by his desire to prove himself as a worthy ninja and to protect his clan. And with each successful assassination, he became more skilled and more confident in his abilities. In time, the Clumsy Thief became one of the greatest assassins in the land. He was feared and respected by all who knew of his deeds, and his name was whispered in awe by those who sought to avoid his wrath. But to him, it was all just part of the job. He was proud to serve his clan and protect it from enemies.

Terms explained


Dwarf - Champions and allies designated as dwarves gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers. Cards designated as being duergar are also dwarves. Not all dwarves are earthwalkers.

Earthwalker - A champion or ally with the earthwalking ability can travel under the ground to attack any realm in a player's formation. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to Earthwalkers, or that Earthwalkers cannot attack. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specify that only other types of champions may attack (such as "Can only be attacked by clerics" or "Can only be attacked by flyers or swimmers"). The ability to Earthwalk is not granted to allies unless it specifically states so in the Earthwalker's card. A flyer cannot choose to not fly. A swimmer cannot choose to not swim. An earthwalker cannot choose to not earthwalk. In situations where a champion or ally has several types of movement, the champion can choose which type of movement to use. For example, if a champion becomes a flyer and earthwalker, they can choose how to move. The statement 'earthwalkers cannot attack' does not restrict the champion from flying to that realm, and 'only earthwalkers can attack' does not mean that the flying ability makes the champion unable to attack.

Interactive - Card special powers are controlled by the Spellfire app. Scan QR code to see the powers. Interactive cards lose their interactivity when switched sides.

Ninja - Sneaky and always one step ahead of the opponent, the ninja can attack twice in a battle. If the first defender loses the battle and the realm is razed, the ninja can attack the second realm of the same player, and support cards are discarded before the second attack. For ninjas, upholding honor is absolutely crucial. During the gameplay, when faced with scenarios where retreat is the only option, they are unable to withstand the disgrace and hence opt to end their lives. As a result, it's necessary to discard them.