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Venom Master
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
282 / 600

Venom Master

Orc. Meditator. As long as this Venom Master is in limbo, opposing infected champions levels drop to 1.


Regent card type
Super Rare
Holy Deadlands
Orc Female

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


In the haunted, forsaken realm of the Holy Deadlands, a place where twisted, malevolent spirits roamed among the remnants of the fallen, there lives an orc who is unlike any other. Venom Master, as he came to be known, is an enigmatic figure who wandered the desolate landscape in search of meaning and purpose for a long time. Born with a rare and extraordinary gift for creating potent venoms, Venom Master had always felt an unrelenting desire to put his talents to use. However, it wasn't until he stumbled upon an ancient tome filled with esoteric knowledge and cryptic secrets that he found his true calling. Intrigued by the mysterious teachings within, he dedicated himself to mastering the art of meditation. Through countless hours of practice and self-reflection, Venom Master learned to harness the power of his venomous abilities in ways that he had never imagined before. He discovered that by entering a deep meditative state, he could project his venomous energy outward, affecting his surroundings and those within them. As Venom Master honed his skills, he became a force to be reckoned with, even though he never set foot on the battlefield. Instead, he used his powers to weaken and debilitate those who sought to bring harm to the land. Whether they were invaders, pillagers, or restless spirits, they would find themselves inexplicably weakened and disoriented as they approached the land, falling prey to Venom Master's insidious touch. From a distance, hidden away in the shadows, Venom Master would focus his meditation and weave his venomous energies through the air. These deadly, invisible strands would find their targets, seeping into their minds and bodies, leaving them vulnerable and disoriented. The attackers would find themselves defenseless, easy pickings for the denizens of the Holy Deadlands, who would repel their assaults and protect their haunted domain. Though Venom Master remained a mysterious figure, enshrouded in secrecy, his influence was felt throughout the Holy Deadlands. Those who dared venture into his territory knew that they did so at their own peril, for the Venom Master's unseen touch would be waiting, ready to strike and protect the land that had given him purpose.

Terms explained


Meditator - Can be put to limbo on phase 5 to meditate. Goes back to the pool on phase 5 of the player's next turn. Meditation cannot start in the same turn meditation ended.

Orc - Champions and allies designated as orcs gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers. Many orcs are monster champions, though they can be of any type.