Spellfire cards

Night King
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
280 / 600

Night King

Undead. Immune to instant kill cards. All champions defeated by Night King serve Him. They loose their special powers, and attached as +1 undead allies.


Regent card type
Super Rare
Frozen Fire
Undead Male
Dark Brotherhood

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


This land of Frozen Fire is a place of stark contrasts, where searing flames are held captive within towering pillars of ice, and the very air itself seems to crackle with primal, untamed energy. It is a land untouched by time and impervious to the reach of mortal hands. In the heart of this enigmatic domain, there reigns a sovereign of unparalleled power and influence - the Night King. Whispered tales and hushed rumors speak of his preternatural origins, claiming that he had been touched by the god of death himself, granting him the boon of immortality. Though none could verify these accounts, the truth is undeniable - the Night King had ruled the land of Frozen Fire for as long as memory could reach, his dominion unchallenged and eternal. The Night King commands an army of fearsome warriors, each fallen in battle by his own hand and forever bound in servitude to their immortal master. These undead soldiers were the remnants of armies who had once sought to defy the Night King, only to be struck down and subsumed into his inexorable ranks. For each warrior who fell beneath the Night King's icy blade, their unique abilities and powers were absorbed and assimilated, bolstering the strength of the undead legions. Thus, the Night King's army became a fearsome tapestry of skills and techniques, an unstoppable force that brought even the mightiest of adversaries to their knees. Over the centuries, tales of the Night King and his undead host spread far and wide, carried on the lips of frightened travelers and weary soldiers. Their stories spoke of a vast, silent army that marched beneath the light of the frozen moon, their shadows stretching long and black across the cold, unyielding ground. Of the Night King, it was said that he rode at the head of this spectral procession, his eyes burning like twin stars, his ancient armor gleaming with the light of the frozen flames. And so, the legend of the Night King continued to grow, inspiring fear and awe in equal measure. To this day, no one dares to challenge his supremacy, and the land of Frozen Fire remains a realm of sorrow and darkness, its secrets locked away behind the icy curtain of the Night King's eternal rule.

Terms explained


Dark Brotherhood - Brotherhood powers are activated only if The Dark Brotherhood (44/Prime) realm is in formation.

Undead - Undead are a special kind of champion or ally, designated in a card's text box. Unless the card says "undead", it is not undead, even if the picture or name of the card seems to indicate otherwise.