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Witch Hunter
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
265 / 600

Witch Hunter

Human. Samurai. Witch Hunter can use psionic powers and thief skills. Wizards are terrified of Witch Hunter and do not fight him in battle.


Hero card type
Blood Birth
Human Male

Art by: Edgaras Guršnys

Extended description

Remember that the Witch Hunter is a samurai and can defend twice.


There once was a witch who traveled the world in search of adventures. She has visited many different parts of the world, where she has shaken things up and lived a free life. But once, she stayed longer in one place. There, she was captivated by a young man who was training in the mountains to become a samurai. She tried to seduce the boy, but his strong will helped him to resist. What's more, he had a girlfriend he was deeply in love with and was going to marry. Even though the witch tried to keep them apart and disrupt the wedding, the wedding day still dawned. Since nobody saw the witch that day, the young man thought that she had finally accepted the unbearable and walked away. But the witch not only showed up at the ceremony but also put on a show. She interrupted the ongoing ceremony and ordered him to marry her instead of his girlfriend immediately, or else the couple would meet with a disastrous end. The young man did not believe the witch's threats and tried to drive her away. However, the witch got angry and promised to throw a curse: "If you marry her, she will turn to stone on the very first night of the wedding". With these words being said, the witch disappeared. The couple and the witnesses were stunned by the threats, but many thought that the witch was just trying to intimidate them, so the ceremony continued. Although the celebration continued to go well, at midnight, his beloved one started to feel very strange, as if she would slowly become paralyzed. She was unable to move or make a sound. And to everyone's surprise, she eventually turned to stone! This broke his heart and filled it with anger. The only thing on his mind at the time was revenge. That's why he completed his studies at a samurai school and vowed to find the witch and avenge her. But he didn't have to wait long - the witch found him herself. She had hoped that they could now be together, but she had no idea that the end was near. The boy pretended he wanted to be with the witch and invited her to a remote place. The witch hoped for success this time, but there was an ambush waiting for her. Pretending to hug her, he suddenly stabbed her right in the heart! After the witch fell down on the ground, the man filled his palms with the witch's blood and ran to his beloved's stone. He was hoping that the blood would lift the curse. But unfortunately for him, nothing happened. He fell to his knees and, weeping, appealed to the gods to help him. But his beloved still did not recover. Suddenly, the clear sky became overcast, it began to rain heavily, and lightning appeared. The young man thought it couldn't get any worse, but then he was struck by lightning. Interestingly, not only did he survive the lightning strike, but he also gained supernatural powers. From then on, the young man gained a new purpose. He devoted his life to witch-hunting. And since he was now able to use psionic powers, he became an equal opponent to witches.

Terms explained


Human - Champions and allies designated as humans gain bonuses or penalties based on other card's special powers.

Samurai - Loyal to the death. When defending, samurai must be defeated twice before being discarded. Magical items and artifacts are not discarded after the first defeat.