Spellfire cards

Gates to Abyss
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
149 / 600

Gates to Abyss

During phase 0, when this dungeon is in formation, a player can move 2 cards in either direction between the discard pile and the Abyss.


Dungeon card type
Wet Deserts

Art by: Ieva BatrytÄ—


Deep in the heart of the Wet Deserts lies a sacred and mystical portal to the underworld realm - the Abyss. It is a place of darkness and despair, a place where the wicked and evil are sent to spend an eternity in torment. The Gates to Abyss is said to be located somewhere in the murky swamps and rainy Amazonian forests that stretch across the Wet Deserts, and their exact location is known only to a select few. According to legend, the Wet Deserts were once dusty and barren wildernesses, inhabited only by the most rugged and hardy of creatures. But over time, the land began to change, and new and strange beasts began to emerge from the shadows. It was during this time that the Brotherhoods were established, each dedicated to a different cause or belief. One Brotherhood served the forces of light, while another pledged allegiance to the dark forces that lurked in the shadows. The third Brotherhood was devoted to the protection and preservation of the creatures that roamed the Wet Deserts. As the centuries passed, more and more cities and strange places emerged throughout the Wet Deserts, each with its own unique culture and customs. There were cities built entirely out of sandstone, where the locals worshipped the sun and the stars. There were underground caverns filled with glowing crystals and rare minerals, where miners toiled day and night to extract their treasures. And there were hidden temples and shrines dedicated to long-forgotten gods and goddesses, where mysterious rituals were performed in the dead of night. Despite the many wonders and mysteries that the Wet Deserts held, it was the Gates to Abyss that remained the most intriguing and sought-after of all. The Abyss is said to be ruled by the Abyss Master (242/5th), a powerful and malevolent entity who is over 200 years old and holds sway over all who enter its realm. Many adventurers and treasure-seekers had attempted to locate Gates to Abyss over the years, but only a few had returned to tell the tale. Yet despite the dangers that lay ahead, there were still those who were determined to find Gates to Abyss and unlock the secrets that lay within. For some, it was the promise of untold riches and power that drove them forward, while for others, it was the thrill of adventure and the desire to uncover the unknown. But regardless of their motivations, one thing was certain - the journey ahead would be fraught with peril and uncertainty, and only the bravest and most skilled would emerge victorious.