Spellfire cards

Restrict Alchemy
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
129 / 600

Restrict Alchemy

Alchemy is restricted and not allowed in the game. All alchemists forget their alchemy blueprints.


Rule card type

Art by: Ieva BatrytÄ—


There was a time when Spellfire citizens were fascinated by the power of alchemy, and they saw it as a way to protect themselves and improve their lives in countless ways. Alchemists were revered for their knowledge and their ability to harness the forces of nature to achieve incredible things. But as time passed, things began to change. Alchemy was no longer seen as a force for good but as a weapon to be wielded against others. The world became a dangerous and unpredictable place, and no one knew who to trust or what to believe. In an effort to restore order and bring an end to the chaos, one wizard created a spell that would Restrict Alchemy. The idea was to prevent alchemists from using their powers to cause harm and to keep the world safe from the destructive forces of alchemy. Unfortunately, the spell went horribly wrong. Instead of restricting harmful alchemy, it ended up restricting only defensive alchemy. This meant that citizens were no longer able to protect themselves against the dangers of the world, leaving them vulnerable to attack and unable to defend themselves. The consequences of the failed spell were devastating. Citizens were left feeling helpless and afraid, unsure of how to protect themselves or their loved ones. The world became a dark and dangerous place, filled with uncertainty and despair. But even in the midst of this darkness, there was still hope. There were those who refused to give up and continued to fight for a better future despite the odds. They knew that the power of alchemy could be harnessed for good, and they were determined to find a way to make it work. Rumor has it that they are still fighting to this day.