The Rule Breaker
308 / 600

The Rule Breaker

Orc. On phase 0, can steal the rule. The opponent may draw and discard a card. If the last digit of the first number is 6 or more, the orc fails and dies on his mission. On success, the rule is canceled and sent to the Void.

Edition Prime
Type Thief
Power 2
Rarity Rare
Element Earth
World Holy Deadlands
Usable on phases:

Earnings if you purchase original NFT card:

NFT card base price - $750
Playing card base price - $10
Total emission  - 30 pcs Total emission  - 25000 pcs
NFT card owners
Playing cards sold
If there and - , then by purchasing The Rule Breaker NFT card for the base price of $750, you may earn
Price -
Potential revenue -

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