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Mutual Warehouse
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
150 / 600

Mutual Warehouse

Even if it is not labeled as mutual, one artifact can be placed in a warehouse for mutual use.


Dungeon card type
Blood Birth

Art by: Ieva BatrytÄ—


Hidden deep within the vast expanse of Blood Birth land lies a dungeon that few have ever laid eyes on. It is a place shrouded in mystery and legend, known as the Mutual Warehouse. The mere mention of its name sends shivers down the spines of wizards and sorcerers, for it is said to possess unparalleled magical power and the ability to bestow unimaginable wealth and knowledge upon those who dare to enter. For centuries, the Mutual Warehouse has been sought after by the most powerful and ambitious magic users in the land. Its walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of rare and powerful artifacts, each imbued with its own unique magical properties. Ancient tomes filled with spells and incantations are stored on pedestals, their pages glowing with an otherworldly light that seems to pulse with a life of its own. But the true power of the Mutual Warehouse lies in its ability to amplify the potency of any magic placed within its walls. Whether it be a simple potion or a complex spell, the magic contained within the warehouse grows stronger with each use, providing the limitless potential to those who possess it. It is a place where even the most inexperienced sorcerer can become a master of the arcane arts. Many have tried to enter the Mutual Warehouse and claim its treasures, only to fall victim to its treacherous traps and cunning guardians. But for those who possess the courage and skill to navigate its challenges, the rewards are beyond measure. They emerge from the warehouse with newfound power and knowledge, able to bend the forces of nature to their will. As rumors of the Mutual Warehouse spread throughout Blood Birth, more and more magic users flock to its door, hoping to claim their share of its bounty. But whether they will succeed or fail, only time will tell. For within the walls of the Mutual Warehouse, anything is possible, and the fate of those who seek its power remains uncertain.

Terms explained


Mutual - For magical items: card can be placed in the pool separately from the champion. Any champion can take a mutual magical item before going to the upcoming battle. If defeated - discards. If victorious, placed in the pool separately from the champions. For holdings: card can be placed near the formation. Holding power works for all realms in formation. If the mutual item has been stolen by the opponent, it remains in the opponent's pool after the opponent wins