Blood Moon
Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
107 / 600

Blood Moon

Attach Blood Moon to any realm you own. Those driven by blood lose powers there. Bloodborn pray to the Moon and do not attack this realm.


Holding card type

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


In the world of Spellfire, there is a rare and mysterious phenomenon known as the Blood Moon. It is said that when the moon is full, it turns a deep, blood-red color, and the very air around it seems to pulse with dark and malevolent energy. While the Blood Moon is a natural occurrence that only happens once in a great while, some have discovered a way to force it to occur on purpose. Those who are driven by blood magic or other dark powers are especially affected by the Blood Moon. They lose their powers in the location where the moon is active, leaving them vulnerable to attack. This has led some to seek out ways to summon the Blood Moon in order to weaken their enemies and gain an advantage in battle. However, Bloodborn creatures are known to pray to the Blood Moon. They consider it to be a sacred object and will not attack any realm that has the Blood Moon risen above it. This means that while the Blood Moon can be a powerful weapon in the hands of the right person, it can also be a dangerous gamble. Despite the risks, there are those who seek out the Blood Moon, believing that the power it grants them is worth the danger. They venture out into the dark and treacherous wilderness, searching for the ancient and arcane rituals that will bring the Blood Moon into being. Some say that those who succeed in summoning the Blood Moon are granted great power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. But others warn that the price of such power is often too high to pay and that those who seek it out are doomed to a fate worse than death.

Terms explained


Flyer - Champions or allies with the ability to fly can attack any realm, regardless of its position, by flying over intervening realms. If a card does not specify that it's a flyer, it is not, even if the picture shows wings or the name of the card implies the ability to fly. Flyers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to flyers or that flyers cannot attack. The ability to fly is not automatically granted to allies unless it specifically states so on the flyer's card.

Earthwalker - A champion or ally with the earthwalking ability can travel under the ground to attack any realm in a player's formation. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to earthwalkers, or that earthwalkers cannot attack. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specify that only other types of champions may attack (such as "Can only be attacked by clerics" or "Can only be attacked by flyers or swimmers"). The ability to earthwalk is not granted to allies unless it specifically states so in the earthwalker's card

Swimmer - A swimming champion or ally can attack any realm in an opponent's formation that shows a coastline in its picture. This also includes realms with pictures instead of maps that depict coasts. The ability to swim is not automatically conferred to other cards, so a champion attacking a protected coastal realm must have the means to get his allies there if he intends to use allies in the round of battle.