Levels 1 2 3 4 5 6
87 / 600


Place under Holy Deadlands realm; When attacked, Gazer sees all cards in opposing player hand.


Holding card type
Holy Deadlands

Art by: AI art / Ugnius Kiguolis


Deep in the forests of the Holy Deadlands roams a mystical creature known as the Gazer. He is said to be the most fearsome and dangerous protector of the land. His four piercing eyes and sharp teeth are enough to scare away any intruder who dares to approach him. The Gazer is a fierce and powerful creature feared by all who know of him. He has been known to protect his land and the citizens who live there at all costs, using his powerful vision to see through any threat and prepare a strong defense in advance. He can sense the intentions of those who approach him, and he will give no mercy to those who come with bad intentions. Many brave warriors tried taming the Gazer. However, all of them suffered a terrible fate. His poisonous tongue can quickly take the life of any enemy who dares to cross him.

Terms explained


Flyer - Champions or allies with the ability to fly can attack any realm, regardless of its position, by flying over intervening realms. If a card does not specify that it's a flyer, it is not, even if the picture shows wings or the name of the card implies the ability to fly. Flyers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to flyers or that flyers cannot attack. The ability to fly is not automatically granted to allies unless it specifically states so on the flyer's card.

Earthwalker - A champion or ally with the earthwalking ability can travel under the ground to attack any realm in a player's formation. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specifically state that they are immune to earthwalkers, or that earthwalkers cannot attack. Earthwalkers cannot attack realms that specify that only other types of champions may attack (such as "Can only be attacked by clerics" or "Can only be attacked by flyers or swimmers"). The ability to earthwalk is not granted to allies unless it specifically states so in the earthwalker's card

Swimmer - A swimming champion or ally can attack any realm in an opponent's formation that shows a coastline in its picture. This also includes realms with pictures instead of maps that depict coasts. The ability to swim is not automatically conferred to other cards, so a champion attacking a protected coastal realm must have the means to get his allies there if he intends to use allies in the round of battle.