The most prominent and the most usable feature in the new Spellfire world is the QR code. The unique dotted picture is located on the backside of every card in the bottom left corner. Each of the newly-created cards has a unique QR code. For example, each of the ten identical cards of The Caravan (131/CL) will have different QR codes. All cards are minted on the Blockchain network, so it is impossible to steal or duplicate them.

The Power of QR code

QR code will make you the one and only owner of the card. The stolen card will not work in the app. When you purchase an individual card, booster, or deck, the first thing you will need to do is to attribute all your cards to your personal account. Playing with not-attributed, not-minted cards might result in their loss - somebody else might add their ownership instead. Ownership of the card can be transferred only with the consent of the owner.

For more information about the QR code and its usage, read the knowledge section. QR Code and Interactivity