Spellfire Prime edition presents new champions with new mechanics, races, cults, and even new rules which have never been used in Spellfire CCG before. This strict formation makes the game more balanced, diverse, and structured. New champions have unique personal abilities. Religious cults have bonuses for all their members, and races have exclusive traits. One word, which has plenty of mechanics behind it, can be found on a card, making it easy to understand and remember.

New Champions in Prime edition

There are champions in Spellfire Prime edition who possess their own books of spells and prayers. Some of the spells are unique, which means that only these champions can cast them. Some champions can change their shape. That type is not entirely new in Spellfire, but they have their own mechanics controlled by the Spellfire app. Some champions know alchemy lore and can create their own exclusive items usable only by them.

We provide complete information about the cards in the cards section of the Spellfire app and website.

New Races in Prime edition

Spellfire world has been populated with humans, elves, dwarves, trolls, dragons, undead, and other races for ages. Some new races are presented in the Prime edition. One distinct race which lives in the wet deserts is the race of Insects. Another race created from the blood lives in Bloodbirth serving for the light is called Bloodborn.

All races are described in the school section of the Spellfire app and website.

Cults in Prime edition

Cults are one more layer in the Spellfire Prime edition game to allocate champions and their powers. There are dozens of cults in the Spellfire world, and all of them give some exclusive bonuses to their members. Some of them are religious cults. Most notable is "Brotherhood of the light," which rewards the members who use light. 

The fanatism drives several cults. A most notable one, the "Truthseekers," has members who can see the future.

Some cults are driven by skill, where members help each other. Some cult members are united by their choices or circumstances in their lives. Cults are described in the school section of the Spellfire app and website.

Note: Cult powers usually are not written on the card itself. You should check the app or the website to know more about them.

New short terms in Prime edition

In Spellfire Prime edition, some rules, skills, and actions are described in one word. In the older version of Spellfire, there were some of these short terms, and everyone knew what they mean. If "Flyer" was written on the card, everyone knew what that meant, and the mechanics of these cards were straightforward. This tradition passes to the Prime edition. Some short terms describe a race, and some represent a cult. Some describe actions and mechanics. For example, "NPC" marking in Prime edition means "non-player character," which might either help or harm you in-game.

Another example would be the "Co-Op" champions who can aid other champions in the battles with some notable limitations.

All short terms are described in the school section of the Spellfire app and website.