Original NFT cards explanation for the Investors

Here is the complete list of Original NFT cards

"Original NFT cards" sorted by rarity are very limited ones, and all of them are numbered. For example - "Original NFT Cards" of Legendary rarity are rarest. They are labeled as 1 of 1. There is only one card, and there can be only one Owner.

The physical state of the "Original NFT card" is of exceptional beauty as they are the holographic cards. Every Owner of an "Original nft card" earns ETH from the copies of cards, and we call them - playing cards. We share 90% of the profit from all the sales of the playing card copies and their upgrades, unlocks, usage.

For example, a Legendary card with only one Owner will be issued in 1000 copies of "playing cards." The minimal estimated price of that kind of card is $200 equivalent of ETH. If someone purchases the "playing card," 90% of profit ±$180 equivalent of ETH will be credited to the Owner of the original legendary card.

Here is the complete list of "Original NFT cards" by rarity levels and quantities of "playing cards." in the prime edition set.


Original nft price

Estimated 90% Profit share if Set Sold Out

Common $100 every owner earns $900
Uncommon $300 every owner earns $2700
Rare $750 every owner earns $7500
Super rare $3000 every owner earns $30000
Epic $10000 every owner earns $90000
Legendary $20000 owner earns $180000

Original NFT cards can be used in tournaments, upgraded, increased in value, and used to make money in the Play to Earn (P2E) mode.

Original NFT cards earn 90% of the profit from "Playing cards" copies, which can be upgraded, increased in value, and used to make money. See the thorough explanation of the Original NFT card and "Playing card" quantities.

Original cards are minted on the blockchain network.

When you have "Spellfire" tokens and/or suitable cards, you can make them stronger: Upgrading the Cards

Examples of "Original NFT cards"

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