Each character in Spellfire has its own story, upgradeable skills, and items or realms that synergize with him

Spellfire cards are meticulously designed to be collectible and tradable. You can own them, trade them, sell, and improve their powers - you own every aspect of the card!

If you get a secret card from our booster packs, you can create your character with its own spells, skills, or powers. Our game architects will check your wishes, and if the card powers are balanced, suitable for the mechanics of the game, they will approve it and send it to our designers, who will draw the design and add the card to the Spellfire world.

Be a part of History and dive into the magical journey. If you want to join our forces and help to create the Spellfire world, contact us by email world@spellfire.com

Examples of "Original NFT cards"