Gather experience for the card in the battles and make it even more powerful and valuable. Each card you own that will be used in the game by other players will earn ETH for you.

How do the cards earn experience?

1. By playing games, you unlock packs that give you digital cards. There are different booster packs you may win or purchase. Read here about the booster packs.

2. When playing games, all cards "in play" get experience and earn "gold". "Gold" is an in game currency that allows you to upgrade cards and make them more valuable and powerful. You gain experience and "gold" for:

• Playing a Game
• Participating in the Battle
• Winning a Battle
• For Instant Kills / Discards
• For Survived Discards

3. By winning games and tournaments, you earn "gold". You can spend "gold" on upgrading cards, making them more powerful. Like this, the price of the "Not NFT playing card" can skyrocket in the market.

4. You can trade these cards in any marketplace, auction or aftermarket for cash. From there, you can buy new cards

5. Upgrade your playing cards to the 4th level, make them NFT cards, and start earning magic tokens

6. Repeat!

Examples of "Original NFT cards"