Glauce, the Rune Thief

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312 / 600

Glauce, the Rune Thief

Interactive. Upgradable. Elf. Amazon. During Phase 3, Glauce can cast runes via the Spellfire app. Amulet she wears makes her immune to cleric powers and spells.

Edition Prime
Type Thief
Power 6
Rarity Legendary
Element Earth
World Wet Deserts
Usable on phases:
3 4

Earnings if you purchase original NFT card:

NFT card base price - $20000
Playing card base price - $200
Total emission  - 1 pcs Total emission  - 1000 pcs
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Playing cards sold
If there and - , then by purchasing Glauce, the Rune Thief NFT card for the base price of $20000, you may earn
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