So what are the most popular cards in the Spellfire game? Looking for a specific card to fill out a deck? This article will provide some information about the most popular cards in the Spellfire Prime edition game


Ancient Curse (399/1st): This rare Spellfire Classic event is extremely powerful unless your champion is immune to events, or you have a way to negate it. Since magical items and artifacts are some of the most popular Spellfire cards, Ancient Curse is a good way to counter these powerful items. To minimize the risk of having this event removed from your hand by another card's special powers, Ancient Curse is best played as soon as you draw it provided there is a target in an opponent's pool. This event can also be played to win a round of combat against a player who has just attached a magical item or artifact to his champion.

Caer Allison (3/FR): This event can enable you to win the game with only five realms in play It can also save your pool from being discarded should all of your realms be destroyed, by playing the event down before your champions are discarded. Caer Allison is best used immediately after you place down your fifth realm. If the event is not somehow negated, you win the game.

Calm (400/CL): Harmful events have the ability to seriously frustrate players; hence, Calm is a must for every deck. Even though it can only negate one event, that one event can be the difference between winning and losing any Spellfire game. Remember, some events aren't as painful as others, and it's best to save Calm for a truly devastating event.

The Caravan (131/CL): This card is without a doubt the most popular event in the SPELLFIRE game. The ability to take an extra turn allows you to, at the very least, draw additional cards into your hand. It can also give you that extra turn you need to win the game. If drawn as spoils of victory during a multiplayer game, Caravan should be played immediately. Since there are a number of cards that can negate helpful events, Caravan should be played with caution. It's sometimes a good idea to bait another player with a harmful event, hoping he'll waste a card negating it rather than your Caravan.

Cataclysm! (991/4th): This harmful event removes a realm from play unless it's somehow negated. It is a great way to get around realms whose special powers prevent you from attacking. Cataclysm! can also be played by an attacker during a round of combat to destroy (discard) the realm and gain the spoils of victory. This event is also useful for destroying realms that are in another player's formation, and in your hand too. You destroy their realm during phase 2 and then play that realm into your own formation.

Cold City of Calamity (2/FR-Chase): This card is difficult to find, but worth whatever it took to get once it's used during a game. Since it can instantly reduce a player's hand to five cards, Cold Cup is best played right after a player has drawn his three cards or has gained additional cards by some other means. This event is best used to discard powerful champions and realms from an opponent's hand, both weakening his defenses and eliminating possible attackers and defenders,

The Genie Bottle (436/3rd): This event is one of the few ways to get rid of a rule card other than playing one. It is also another way of getting rid of an opposing spell. As an added bonus, the Genie Bottle also gets rid of all holdings in play. The only problem with this event is that all of its effects happen when it's played, affecting you as well as your opponents. However, if an opponent has a distinct lead, playing this event may give you an advantage. The other benefit of this event is that very few cards can negate it.

Good Fortune (120/4th); Many players consider this event a must for every deck because it allows you to draw five cards when it's played. This event can be used if you fail to draw a realm or champion during your turn, or in preparation for a long battle. Another good time to play this event is after the end of your turn. This ensures that you don't have to discard any of the Good Fortune cards.

Portal to Limbo (25/RR-Chase): Playing this card sends a champion to Limbo, for possibly quite some time, as well as drawing a card out of an opponent's draw deck. Portal to Limbo is best used when your opponent has only a few champions in his pool, weakening his defenses before an attack. It's also a great way to get rid of powerful opposing champions, if only for a little while.

Unusually Good Fortune (11/FR-Chase): The popularity of the event Good Fortune only makes this event even more popular, since this one negates the other. Unfortunately, seldom do the two events cross paths, and Unusually Good Fortune is more often played to gain three cards rather than steal five. Regardless, this card is another that adds cards to your hand during the course of a game.